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TelOne launches Impact Learning – an eLearning platform

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TelOne earlier today launched Impact Learning – an eLearning platform that was in the work before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

According to TelOne’s Managing Director Chipo Mtasa the platform was being built with TelOne Centre for Learning (TCFL) in mind and the students at this institutions were already making use of the platform.

Mtasa says the system was used for two purposes since being deployed;

  • TCFL lectures were conducted online;
  • internal staff development and training was conducted online.

We didn’t attend the launch event (because COVID-19, duh!) so we didn’t get any hands on experience with the Impact Learning platform and unfortunately the TelOne press material shared with us didn’t have any images or details regarding how exactly the platform works so we will have to follow up once we get those details.

The Minister of ICT was also at hand and gave the expected this-will-be-good for ICT adoption type remarks we’ve come to expect from government officials at such events.

More interesting was the revelation that the platform was developed by TelOne software developers which is good to hear. Many times when telecoms players unveil new products they are not the ones building the product and this is usually met with an outcry that local developers could have built it. It’s good to hear that’s the case with TelOne’s platform.

Platforms such as these will go a long way in helping us go back on track and align to the programmes set by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education and Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education for the 2020 Academic calendar.

ICT Minister Jenfan Muswere

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4 thoughts on “TelOne launches Impact Learning – an eLearning platform

    1. The press material shared had none of that so we will only know after they respond to our follow up questions if the platform is open to the general public

  1. I have nothing against Telone and I’m also a student at TCFL but the platform is the worst E-learning platform I’ve come across. Just mere nonsense

    1. I do appreciate the impact learning but some of us we come from poor background data is so expensive look what Strive is doing..We dont have data eey,and for ma1:1 pressure yenyu ndeyei kuti aite e learning taingotangira covid yapera zve..mine chokwadi kutitambira nee- learnning …y rushing us…We a down with yr poor rongotion purizi behave sevanhu vkuru n stop kahunhu kechigandanga by force here..TCFL studentslivesmatter…Chinhu ichi choita kumawell developed countries ndapota data ririkudhura muZimbabwe muribee mariiiiiiii

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