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ZOL internet has been up and down, a problem with core network


It seems as though everything is not well at ZOL. There have been reports of unstable internet connection for most of the day. Facebook and Twitter pages have been slow to load or not loading at all. WhatsApp has also been dropping on and off, messages are also said to be taking forever to send and WhatsApp web has been the same.

A source within ZOL said the following:

“We are having some challenges with our core network causing service degradation on various platforms. Our engineers are on-site working to resolve this in the shortest time possible”

There was no further information on when this would be resolved. The hope is that they can solve this issue as quickly as possible

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3 thoughts on “ZOL internet has been up and down, a problem with core network

  1. I spent an hour trying to get through to their tech support only to have my que time extended (started with 9min and eventually I gave up when it became 40min). Their online chat function was no better ( 30 min wait to get an automated response). Eventually when I did get through I was told there was nothing wrong with the Internet and that it was likely my fault a due to data usage. I’ve chosen their top unlimited package – and my usage does not involve any downloads of movies or music so a can’t see why my data usage would be excessive.
    Turns out “unlimited” does not mean with out limits. It means between 6am and 6pm you have limits (still not sure what they are as the technician could answer that – instead he sent me an 8 page document of fine print to read).

    It sucks to be the customer and to keep having to chase after a service that is meant to be delivered as it is being paid for.

    I guess the sad reality is we’re all just a number and the soulless Provider that is ZOL doesn’t really care. Without market competition Zol will continue to pretend to deliver a mediocre service.

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