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Within days ZESA increases tariffs by a further 50% with effect from today

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Last week ZESA, through a communique, announced the increase in electricity tariffs by 50%. In a strange turn of events, tariffs have been increased again by a further 50% of the ones that took effect on the 23rd of September 2020.

The new tariffs are as follows:

Tarrifs take effect from the 1st of October 2020

New ZESA tariffs

Consumption Bands kWhPrice (ZWL$)
1 – 50kWh1.11
51 – 200kWh2.43
201 – 300kWh6.62
Above 300kWh10.38

Old Tariffs

Consumption Bands kWhPrice (ZWL$)
1 – 50kWh0.74
51 – 200kWh1.62
201 – 300kWh4.41
Above 300kWh6.92

If you want to see how many units you will get according to the new prices you can use the Techzim ZESA calculator here.

And here’s where to buy your ZESA tokens online.

Buy ZESA tokens

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23 thoughts on “Within days ZESA increases tariffs by a further 50% with effect from today

    1. Zesa increased the rates last week according to keep up with inflation. How can inflation go up another 50% in just a week. Zimbabweans are being ripped off once again

  1. but Zesa website when you buy for $500.00 for the first time this month you will get 57.55kwh and yet your calculator gives 212.08kwh for the same amount. Which is which?

    1. I have also noticed that and l am skeptical that if l buy now l will lose does anyone have their customer services number?

  2. the cumulative price increase for 23rd and 1st October is 125%.. so that means you have to multiply whatever you were paying for 300 kwh by 2.25 to get the new price.

  3. Why are we being ripped off like this.But they said the austerity measures are over,but it’s getting worse by the day

    1. You are not being ripped off my guy. ZESA is just aligning their price to reflect movements in price of inputs in production. Coal has gone up, water from Zambezi is now too costly, chemicals are out of reach etc. For Zesa to continue generating, it has to pass the costs to the consumer. Unfortunately.

  4. Makabisa ana Chasi muchiiya ana Soda venyu ma yes man ku corruption.look at the madness coming out now.Musabe mari dzevanhu poachers nyaraiwo mhani

  5. Iwewe zesa ne Econet ne Police nevamwe venyu nakutambarara semunyemba manje munongo chinja zvinhu last minute

  6. further proving that zanupf is a tried, tested and failed experiment. the regime keeps imposing itself onto the people who have long since rejected it since the late 90s. zanupf is zimbabwes biggest curse and things will ONLY go haywire with it in charge.

    sanctions are never to blame…smith geniusly busted UK & UN sanctions, Zimbabwe just has a regime that doesnt give a damn!

    they are only interested in power retention and nothing else!

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