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ZIMRA now sending tax clearance certificates via email

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The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) seems to have gotten the tax clearance issue under control (somewhat). In a circular, the Tax Authority said that it has automated the tax clearance certificate (ITF263) issuing process and taxpayers will now get them via e-mail.

The statement reads as follows:


The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) is pleased to advise all valued taxpayers who are compliant in payments, submission of Tax Returns and all Fiscalisation Requirements (if registered for VAT) of the following updates in accessing valid Tax Clearance Certificates (ITF263) for 2021 with effect from 1st of March 2021.

There is no longer a need to apply for valid Tax Clearance Certificates (ITF263) on ZIMRA portal, ZIMRA has now automated the process.

Taxpayers will automatically receive valid Tax Clearance Certificates (ITF263) only through the email address registered with ZIMRA. Update of email addresses may be done through the ZIMRA e-service portal

To guarantee smooth access to Tax Clearance Certificate (ITF263), registered operators are advised

1. Update Master Data information such as E-Mail Address, Telephone Number, Bank Accounts, and Industry Class

2. Be up to date with the submission of Tax Returns and Tax Payments.

3. Fully Fiscalise and Interface all registered fiscal devices with ZIMRA server through your device supplier for those who are Value Add. Tax (VAT) registered.


You can contact ZIMRA through the channels below:

  • Large Client Office (LCO)
  • Medium Clients Office (MCO)
  • Small Clients Office (SCO)
  • Region 2
  • Region 3

Or you can click here for ZIMRA contact details for your specific region or area.

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One thought on “ZIMRA now sending tax clearance certificates via email

  1. The e-filing system is down and we are failing to submit returns .We have been advised to email them for manual capturing but again there is an even bigger challenge we are being informed that the SAP system is down and manual capturing of returns cant be done .Furthermore, ZIMRA System will ONLY issue ITF 263s to clients whose accounts have updated returns and payments ,yet we are being told that ZIMRA staff can’t capture our returns after 12 noon in the event that the system becomes operational after 12 noon because they are not allowed to capture returns after 12 noon or on Sunday even if they want to assist because they will be taken to task by their MANAGEMENT for assisting a client and logging in after 12 noon on Saturday. This is retrogressive and complicates The Easy Of Doing Business as shipments pile up at the border incurring demurrage charges whilst awaiting a Valid itf263 that cant be availed by the system because there are outstanding returns that cant be submitted online on e-filing portal or manually captured because both e-filing portal and SAP server are having challenges. Can the CG and his ZIMRA Management grant overtime permission and internet data for Returns capturing Section staff to work remotely from home and even at the office after 12 noon on Saturday and even on Sunday in-order to clear backlog created by system downtime

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