Cassava has “temporarily” shut down EcoCashSave

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Last week we were shocked to see that EcoCashSave had been removed from the *151# USSD. When accessing the menu it appeared that EcoCashSave had been replacing by the relaunched KaShagi microloans. The service which was launched way back was a way for EcoCash customers to save a little whatever they could through their wallet. Its sudden disappearance caused some alarm because we were unsure of how many people used the service and if their savings were affected.

Cassava has finally shed light on the fate of the service:


Dear Valued EcoCashSave Customer

Kindly be advised that EcoCashSave has been temporarily suspended with effect from March 6, 2021, as work begins to migrate the service to a new platform and enhance the product features. The service will be re-introduced in the coming months.

In the meantime, Customer balances in EcoCash$ave account have been transferred to the EcoCash$ave account holders’ EcoCash wallet, to allow customers access to their funds during the transition.
Please note that only individual EcoCash$ave accounts have been suspended. EcoCash Savings Club accounts remain available.

We thank you for your support all along, and for your patience as we migrate and repackage the product. We sincerely regret the inconvenience this may cause.

For any further enquiries. please dial 114 or SMS the word HELP, to 0771 222114.


It seems like EcoCash/Cassava hasn’t binned the project as we feared. The only issue is that EcoCash waited this long to tell its “Valued Customers” what will happen to their funds.

But… Cassava/EcoCash didn’t give a return date for the service. They did, however, mention that the EcoCash Savings Club is still up. I don’t know about you but it might mean that the savings club may be replacing EcoCashSave. But then again we will have to wait to see in the “coming months” if the service will indeed be relaunched.

What’s your take?

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