Local remittance service Tumai has a 5% extra airtime, ZESA and data promotion

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Tumai remittances discount promotion

The remittance game, be it for money, goods and or services has blossomed over the pandemic era even when early projections forecasted a decline because of restricted incomes for the African diaspora. Locally we have been inundated with new services coming to the fore and older ones offering discounts and transaction free periods to entice the Zimbabwean diaspora to make them their partner of choice. Continuing on in this vein, a local remittance service called Tumai is now offering a 5% bonus for data, airtime and ZESA tokens bought from abroad using its Tumi chatbot.

Tumai on Instagram

Tumai seems to have it all…

The service is new to me because I only came across it through an advertisement on Instagram. According to Tumai’s website, they offer payments for Edgars, Topics, Meikels, Truworths as well as bill payments like the aforementioned ZESA Tokens, Airtime, DStv, and City Council bills for Harare, Chinhoyi, Kadoma, Ruwa and Masvingo.


Additionally, Tumai also offers funeral policies through their partnership with Nyaradzo and you can also buy grocery vouchers for N.Richards and Gain Cash’n’Carry.

As far as coverage goes Tumai doesn’t seem to be limited when it comes to where you are in the world if you are using electronic payment methods (Visa or Mastercard). The remittance service covers Zimbabwe (on the receiving end) with South Africa, Malawi, Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda on the way. For individuals with cash, there is mention of agents and partners but the location of them and in which countries, was not stated (as far as I can see) on Tumai’s website.

How to access the service

There are a few ways you can check out Tumai. The company has a WhatsApp chatbot +263 78 844 8617 where the 5% bonus promotion is happening, the website tumai.to or through the Android mobile application.

It’s easy to make the assumption that Tumai has this promotion running to entice Zimbabweans in the diaspora to try them out because who doesn’t want to send a little extra back home. The services they offer make a compelling case but there is stiff competition from the behemoth in the space Mukuru and others like Malaicha and Runners who offer similar services.

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    Now you can send money across Zim with Tumai.