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5 thoughts on “Upgrade your ZOL email today or your mailbox will be disabled

  1. Please help me. I can’t do this upgrade by myself. I’m 68 years old and need help.
    WhatsApp me on +44 105649. I’m in the UK and need HEEEEELP!!!!

  2. I upgraded in December last year. Followed all ZOL’s instructions but ended up a complete shambles. Took three weeks to eventually sort out. Biggest issue was really bad communication and feedback from ZOL and Liquidmail Tech/dnsadmin staff. It’s appears they were overwhelmed by this upgrade project and simply not equipped to help their customers make the upgrade easily.

  3. ID 22191 I Require help to upgrade but find it near impossible to contact to Zols Support online chat.
    Manage it once and was told the upgrade would be done for me…. Sadly no joy. My emails have been disabled

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