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More men than women shop online in Zimbabwe – Lessons from #BroadbandEconomy Conference

The Broadband Economy Conference was held on 20 July 2017 at Sango Conference Centre, Cresta Lodge, Harare. Business leaders from different industries were in one room discussing how we can start leveraging the Internet for business growth. The 4th panel of leaders to speak were discussing E-commerce in Zimbabwe and here are some of the […]

1 in every 2 Econet subscribers is active on EcoCash

Wherever you are, 1 out of every 2 active Econet subscribers is active on EcoCash. I spent some time going through the telecommunications report from POTRAZ for the first quarter of this year. The data presented in that document led me to that conclusion and here’s how I got there. In the last quarter of […]

Cash crisis reduces mobile money transactions and subscribers

The latest performance report from POTRAZ has revealed that mobile money transactions have had a general decline during the first quarter of 2017 since last year. The total number of active subscribers has also declined by 1.6% from  3,303,188 recorded in the fourth quarter of 2016 to 3,251,784 recorded the first quarter of 2017. For a subscriber […]

Press Release: EcoCash integrates with Zinara for mobile money payments at tollgates

Zimbabwe’s leading telecommunications and Technology Company Econet Wireless and the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) today announced a partnership that will see tollgates linking directly with customers’ EcoCash wallets. In a first of its kind in Zimbabwe, all EcoCash registered customers will now be able to link their vehicles with their mobile money wallets, load their EcoCash toll […]

The EcoCash ecosystem numbers update (June 2017)

Nathalie Jabangwe Morris, EcoCash Zimbabwe General Manager Today, at the announcement of the EcoCash and ZINARA tollgate integration, EcoCash Zimbabwe General Manager, Nathalie Jabangwe, noted some new milestone figures of the EcoCash ecosystem. The last time we posted these was in July 2016. 27,000 Merchants – This is up from 20,000 merchants last year. The 35% […]

Here’s a list of fintech companies operating in Zimbabwe

If you’re in need of some financial services or just wondering how many fintech companies are operating in Zimbabwe, here is a list of them. Please let us know if we missed any company and we will add it to the list. Paynow A secure online payments platform that allows you to pay for various […]

Not Everything that Glitters is Gold: A Dissenting Opinion on Bitcoin

Whenever a new miracle technology is breathlessly praised, I pay attention and keep my cynicism handy. There have been a number of pro-Bitcoin articles on TechZim lately,  please allow me to share my dissenting opinion. Some of the financial advice (implicit or explicit) seemed downright dangerous. A couple of disclaimers I need to get out of […]

Bitcoin at record price as it crosses $1,900 mark. Zimbabwe price already above $2,000

If you’ve heard anything about bitcoin the past couple of weeks, it’s probably been along the lines of: In 2010, if you had $10,000 to invest and you put it all in gold, today your gold would be worth $9,981. But if you’d invested it in bitcoins, you’d have US $200 million worth. It’s a bitcoin price growth example […]