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Want to cash in on digitisation? Here are 7 business ideas you can try

All this fuss about Digital Migration often overlooks the fact that the whole exercise comes with a wide range of opportunities for all stakeholders, unemployed youths included. Here are a few business ideas that can work in a digital television setup.

Zambezi Magic is DStv’s new channel for local productions

A couple of months ago MultiChoice Zimbabwe made a call for quality local productions that would be flighted on its M-Net Africa channels. Now it has announced a new channel, Zambezi Magic, on which Southern African productions will be flighted.

No surprises as Zim misses digitisation deadline. What does it mean for you though?

Nine years down the line Zimbabwe has missed the ITU digital migration deadline for a host of reasons that include delayed funds release, lack of skill and low prioritisation. What does this mean for you and me? Well, it’s business as usual with your first, permanent and only choice in local broadcasting.

See that ZW on YouTube? It means you can now make money from your video

The ZW locale identifier that you probably noticed on the YouTube logo every time you visit the video platform means that you can now enable monetization of the content you upload there. This development means a new revenue stream for content creators who choose to monetize their videos, provided they put up stuff that can generate enough interest.

Google Only Sees 2% Of The Internet: An Intro To The Deep Web

When most us use the internet to search for something we naturally use Google’s search engine. What if Google doesn’t give us what we want ? The amount of information Google can provide is surely immense but it’s not everything out there.It is estimated that people only use about 2 % of the internet. This […]

My beef with DStv

We love DStv. It’s probably the most accessible Pay TV in Africa. However, there are reasons to be mad at it. The re’s the complication around pricing that isn’t favourable to users of US dollars against the declining South African Rand, and then there are issues to do with its content strategy.

Death by subscription: Are you willing to pay $3 a month for ZTV?

The Digital Migration deadline is around the corner and there are changes that this change will bring, including the transformation of ZTV into a pay TV service. This looks like the final nail in the broadcaster’s coffin.

Changing Techzim: Here’s our new look and the future

What you’re seeing now is the new Techzim design. If you’re mobile you probably love it. And if you’re on desktop, you’re probably wishing that we bring back the old design. Think of this as the first iteration of the future of Techzim. We will continuously adjust aspects of it to make it easier to see the content you care about!

Is Zimpapers ready to become the next Naspers?

Local print media company, Zimpapers, has appointed a new CEO and Chairman. With changes like this, and the way tech is rattling the news and media industry, this could be the start of a new season for Zimpapers. Will the leadership be agile enough to catch the wave and turn the company into more than just a print media house? How achievable is it to become just like the giant Naspers?

Go offline and pump up the volume, the radio is still king

It has been just over 20 years since Zimbabwe joined the internet. It was back in 1994 when serial entrepreneur, inventor and geek Robert Nursten and his son Clint founded Zimbabwe’s first Internet Service Provider ISP called Data Control Systems which they later sold to Econet. The company was later renamed Ecoweb and became part of […]

What did you just say about paying for content? “It’s not my policy…”

  I am a thief. I have been for a while. In fact, when I stop to think of it, I fear that my children might inherit the inclination to engage in this nefarious activity of mine. Looking back in my internal memory I can’t seem to pinpoint any ONE event or activity that led […]

Dear Mr. Carter… An open letter to Jay Z regarding the Tidal music service

REF: I HOPE YOUR TIDAL WAVE PROJECT FAILS At the end of last month you, Mr. Carter/Jay Z and your cabal of musicians launched your music streaming service which you dubbed Tidal, no doubt an allegorical reference to the Waves that you thought it would make in the music world when you launched it. In […]

(April Fools) DStv reduces bouquet prices as MultiChoice buckles under pressure

If you make the right amount of noise your cries just might be heard. Well, that’s the lesson from MultiChoice anyway. The media giant has reduced the prices of its DStv bouquets across all African markets. With effect from the 1st of May 2015, the prices of all DStv packages will be drastically reduced. Some packages […]

Zim’s Digital Future: Digital migration & opportunities for content creators

Who is going to benefit from digitisation? It turns out a lot of people at various stages in the digital food chain actually. One of the key presentations from the Digital Future Conference was from Mr Gelfand Kausiyo, the project lead for the ZBC Digital Migration exercise. In this recording, which also captures some questions from […]

Forget Netflix, ZBC is launching Web TV

The digital migration deadline is less than 3 months away and while there are a lot of issues around what that will mean for local content creation and broadcasting, the unanimous agreement is that it is a very positive step that will help local broadcasting to at least catch up with modern trends. One of […]

Conversations on Zim’s Digital Future: Making money from YouTube

This is one of the discussions from the 2015 Digital Future Conference that was held in Harare Zimbabwe. Speakers were Teju Ajani from YouTube and Nqobizitha Mlilo of the Nafuna TV fame. The topic touched on was the aspect of upscaling digital content and the impact that the internet has had on the distribution of […]

Digital Future Conference in pictures

The highlight of the Zimbabwean digital media calendar was the Digital Future Conference which took place earlier this week. A lot of what happened at the two-day meeting has been shared through video, social media and articles. You can still watch some of the discussions and presentations by following the links in this article. Here […]

My thoughts on the DStv Catch Up Plus

Ok, so we are slowly approaching that accursed day of the year again where we have to confirm our love to those close to us by conforming to the prescribed norms of buying meaningless gifts like cards and flowers. If someone really loved me they would buy me Google Play gift cards instead. No need […]

BAZ receives 21 radio station license applications

New radio stations are hopefully set to open up in Zimbabwe’s smaller town after the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) has received 21 applications for commercial licenses from 8 towns, according to a report in the Herald today. Although Harare and Bulawayo had 5 applications each, there were 11 other applications from Vic Falls (2), […]