Africom To Pull Plug on Free Internet, Readies ‘Integration’

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The free internet browsing some lucky Africom subscribers have been enjoying for a little more than 2 months now is coming to an end in a few days. Apparently, the techies at Africom have caught up with the runaway broadband.

Africom sent out SMSes on Friday, 19 November, alerting subscribers to visit Africom Offices and update their profiles so they could continue surfing. We’re not sure what exactly this ‘updating profiles’ process is. Hey, outside the voice telephony rumours, nobody knows what this ‘integration’ business is.

Here’s the full text of the SMS:

Please come and update your profile to allow your data card to accept our service integration. Bring your data cards so that your accounts can allow you to top up and balance enquiry. We are open Saturday and Sunday 20th and 21st November to ensure smooth rollover.

Ok, there you have it; be thankful for the free internet you got and go register, again.


  1. MacdChip

    Not that informative, are they going to give simcards or its just firmware upgrade?

  2. sir allen

    i did not get tht text nw i am disconnected will update u all 2mrw when i go thr

  3. JamesM

    I got that message too! Went to Africom on Friday was told to pay my subscription, paid $18 and that was it.

  4. MacdChip

    So there was no talk of new services or try to sell you new hardware?

  5. JamesM


  6. sir allen

    pango chinjwa domain and sm othr stuff,i love the customer care at africom.anyway its possible tht me home is coming next and it will b a vo/ip service telone is next on axe list

  7. w3ll$

    well, we enjoyed it while it lasted. thanks for the free bandwidth.

  8. customer care

    thank you for sir allen. we value our customers. if you have any quires, please get in touch with our call center on the email provided.

  9. Priscilla Gotore

    im not able to visit the site africom .wats up africom

  10. Nash

    its actually

  11. freddy

    So what’s the deal with this? Have they done it yet?

  12. UnknownSource

    Well they have pulled the plug. I was enjoying unlimited use (after paying the $18 of course). Downloaded over 2.5 Gigs..with the new system its harder to cheat the system but it can be done. Big change was new user names eg the pw still same africom001 and #777…Professional CDMA Software like DFS gives u backend access to config MIN and pwd info..Hint Hint

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