Spiritage owned Valley Technologies to launch voice and data network in Zimbabwe


SpiritageWe’ve been trying to get information about the company called Spiritage for some weeks now. What caught our attention (and that of many of you asking us about Spiritage) were the Spiritage ICT job vacancies in the press. The company is clearly on a massive recruitment drive. Fortunately, a few days ago, some information started trickling in. Thanks to you dear readers.


Some background: Spiritage owns the company called Valley Technologies. The Spiritage Group also includes companies like Mars, Suremed Health Insurance, some hospitals, a company called Spiritage Business Solutions and eTranzact.

Now to Valley Technologies; as you may know, Valley tech is a holder of a POTRAZ Internet Access Provider “Class A” license. (Here’s a full list of licensed IAPs on the POTRAZ site) According to POTRAZ regulations, an IAP Class A licensee “is authorised by this license to construct, operate, develop, extend, and maintain a public data and internet access network.” The licensee is also “allowed to carry voice as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)”


According to our sources, Valley Technologies is rolling out a sizable telecommunications network in Harare, Bulawayo, Mutare and Gweru. ‘ Sizable’ here refers to a network with base stations northwards of 150. We cannot confirm what technologies Valley Tech is working on but this WiMax Forum page suggests we’re talking of, well, WiMax.  If you check that WiMax Forum page there’s some mention of Valley Technologies’ Network Destination Code is being +263 8622. A suggestion of some VoIP telephony.

Service launch date according to our sources is latest end of March 2011, clearly not far from now.

We visited Spiritage to get some confirmation about this information and maybe a bit more details about the developments and the basic message we got is that Spiritage is not ready to say anything at the moment.

Valley Tech is hardly the only IAP working to launch Mobile WiMax and VoIP services in the coming months. Aquiva, Utande (Telerix), Telco, ZELLCO and the other licensed IAPs are working on similar service rollout in the coming months. For most of these operators, interconnection to existing telecoms voice operators is what is holding them from launching. What will probably make Spiritage standout amoung the other IAPs is the network coverage and subscriber capacity.

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