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Econet to launch Eco-Cash tomorrow. No Bank Account. Cross Network.

Econet is launching Eco-Cash, its mobile money service, tomorrow. The launch will be held at the Rainbow Towers hotel in Harare. Econet unveiled earlier this month its plan to launch the service before the end of September.

We have received some bits of information on what Eco-Cash will be. Part of what we have is the this screenshot below from a PowerPoint presentation of the service revealing some interesting aspects of the service. It also takes a swipe at NetOne’s OneWallet service which currently requires all subscribers to change their SIM. This suggests Econet’s system is likely going to be USSD based.

Econet is also expected to announce its latest subscriber stats tomorrow.

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15 thoughts on “Econet to launch Eco-Cash tomorrow. No Bank Account. Cross Network.

  1. Dudes this is the sharp end of gossip – incomplete, half baked, but insightful all the same. I like to be the first to know, even if its just a corner of the whole picture. Way to go Techzim!

    1. OK, so no bank account is needed. Nice. But the registration process sounds like opening an acount to me. Only difference is they don’t ask for proof of residence. Wonder too if the $200 transation limit will stay

  2. So Econet will charge you $14 to send $200 to a non  registered EcoCash user. Hmnnn… –

    1. & it will charge me $4 to send $200 to a registered user and then charge them $6 when they cash out –

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