30,000 Google Plus users in Zimbabwe

So how many Zimbabweans are on Google Plus? Well, according to a report by a Canadian company focusing on the social network’s demographics, about 30 000 people in Zimbabwe are on Google’s new social network. The global number of users on the platform is now estimated to have hit 90 million.

According to the website (PlusDemographics), their figures only represent data retrieved from public Google+ profiles. As far as we can tell, the location is also based on users that have indicated on Google+ that they live or have lived in Zimbabwe.

According to the report, 77% of Zimbabweans on Google+ are male and only 21% users are female. Age wise, 46% of the users are between the ages of 18 and 24, followed by 36% users who fall into the 25-34 age range.


The majority of users in Zimbabwe are in Harare (72%) followed by Bulawayo which just has 14%, and then Mutare and Gweru with 3% each.

Strangely, the top alumni association of the Google plus users in Zimbabwe is the University of Cape Town. We expected that to be the University of Zimbabwe or our National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in Bulawayo. The second most popular alumni association in the report is Marist College. The rest is a list of foreign universities like University of Victoria, Monash University, Howard University and Havard.

The top employers list too has quite unexpected leaders. The top employer there is Kpmg, followed by student (18% of Zim users on the network are students) and third is the government.

Just to compare to other countries in the region; the country with the most users is South Africa with 466 000 Google+ profiles. Kenya has 94 000, Angola 16 000, Mozambique 15 000, Zambia 12 000, DRC 11 000 and Malawi 5,000.

You can access the full report and the Zimbabwe page here.

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16 thoughts on “30,000 Google Plus users in Zimbabwe

  1. I happen to be part of this demographic and have gone as far as adding techzim in my circles, I think it will be a good year for Google+ although it’s not facebook it does have alot of potential

  2. Let’s not forget that a large number of these might be “look-sees” … people (like me) who activated G+ profiles just to try it, and couldn’t find the point.

    1. how about saying “…some of these might be…” instead of “…a large number of these might be…”

      1. How about saying what you feel like in your own way, and making your own opinions known, not policing others? Just sayin.

          1. What did you correct, when the word MIGHT is right there? Don’t be silly, LOL. Have an original thought, make it cogent, and share it. Stop looking for ghosts when there are none.

  3. Yea, saw the report. interesting. Have noticed a sudden jump in the number of circles i’m landing in. I’m a big G+ fan so far, so am hopping it really takes off.

  4. 99.9% percent of the people i know are still using fb and my G+ account is just sitting, wasting google’s server space! Like Joe said MOST people opened one just to see and moved on with FB.

  5. I’d take the numbers with a pinch of salt. Looking at the methodology* they claim to have crawled 45 million profiles (less than half the total number of G+ users). While this is statistically significant, there are many ways this could be off. (they also did not state any margin of error.

    *Their website is dodgy – they clickjack. Attempts to click on ‘Methodology’ results you in +1’ing them. I had to view-source to navigate to the right link

  6. I was on and it’s quite interesting to see how you stack up against other Google+ users in Zimbabwe. But the truth is Zimbabwean activity on Google+ is quite low

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