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Our Christmas give-away to Zimbabwean startups: 1 month free advertising


For a while now we’ve been thinking about how we can provide some startup friendly advertising opportunities on Techzim. We get roughly an average of 6,000 page views a day and we know that could help a Zimbabwean mobile or web startup company get word out there about their great new service. But we also have to pay bills here so we can’t exactly invite startups to free advertising party.

But then again Christmas is a time to give and we’re so thankful for all the interaction on the site, the liking of our content on Facebook, the Retweets and even the good old word of mouth recommendations that that we get.

It made sense therefore to give back something – some advertising space. We think those in the community that are working on their own startups will like this. So the prize is this: 1 month advertising on Techzim. The advert will occupy the slot that has the green Jumpstart Community banner on the left.


The rules are simple:

  • To enter just leave a comment with the name of your startup and a link to the service if available. You can also leave a comment on the Facebook update of this story.
  • Any web or mobile based startup is welcome to enter, they don’t have to be doing tech stuff.
  • However Even companies that do offline tech stuff are welcome
  • It’s at our discretion what “tech stuff” is

These are very loose rules and if we see things getting unnecessarily complicated (like what qualifies to be a startup) we will append an update to this article.

The give-away starts now and runs until end of day Wednesday, 19 December (at midnight). The winning startup will be chosen randomly (names in a hat). If you are chosen, we will contact you through email (or mention on Facebook if that’s how you entered) and you must respond within 3 working days to take up your advertising. if you don’t respond, we do that hat thing again etc…

if you guys like it, we may start running it every month.

The giveaway was won by Kevin Mpofu

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