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Apparently, only Telecel and NetOne had unregistered subscribers

POTRAZThe past few weeks Telecel and NetOne both revealed that as part of the POTRAZ directive to disconnect unregistered SIM cards by 31 August, they each shed 100,000 subscribers. Almost sounds like one reported the right number and the other just went ‘yeah, about the same’! Anyway, we curiously asked a source at Econet (the largest of the 3 operators), how many subscribers they had to switch off. We expected maybe 3 times that at least, but the answer we got was, “none”!

The source told us: “we did ours [disconnection of unregistered SIMs] a few years ago, you may want to check in the archives. Econet must have shed 1.4m, if I recall well. Others were allowed to carry on with unregistered SIMs”

Which just made us wonder. First, we were shocked the problem was big enough POTRAZ came out to essentially say “enough is enough guys”. See, they had said that already more than 2 years ago! Then secondly, is it then that a regulation was put in place but not enforced? Is it that this is just one of those unenforceable rules?

Anyway, we are glad the regulator is taking moves to right some of these things.

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11 thoughts on “Apparently, only Telecel and NetOne had unregistered subscribers

  1. I’m surprised that unregistered users were still active at all given all the fuss about registering way back when…

  2. And when econet protest against an unfair playing field we still complain that they are a bully!

  3. Econet’s reaction is always emotional and personal
    Speaks volumes about the the Culture within Econet which is all about patronage in order to survive within.

  4. thats a LIE, Econet was the major culprit. In First Street Active Econet lines were being sold, mine was recently disconnected. this shows how cheap their business ethic is bloody liars

    1. Dude, no econet line can connect to the network if its not registered. If you bought it on the streets and it was working, then it means the vendor had already pre-registered it in his, or someone else’s name.

      1. no it wasnt registered, the vendors (not econet agents) were selling them ari active going for $3 in first street. You could even call and receive using the line. I had to register that line.

        1. Hope you are not a bloody liar yourself because if u purchase a brand new sealed econet line you wont be able to use it until at least 12 hours after registering it.

          1. go on sing for your supper, anyway u r talking abt what shld be, but im talking abt what was happening, ask any vendor that sells lines in twn

            1. Asi wakatengeserwa rakamboshandiswa? Go today and buy a brand new one if you really want to know the truth. Usapime nyoka negavi iyo nyoka yacho iri theres

    2. Just to touch on this issue. I also have a line that was just purchased on the “street” brand new sealed, never ever received a stray call the prefix is 0771 xxx xxx. However all i did was open the sim pack, push the sim out of the bigger card and it was done i was calling and still am. I eventually had to contact ewz and ask how i would know how to fix my line.

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