Dandemutande appoints new CEO, Michele Scanlon

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New Dandemutande CEO, Michele Scanlon.
Image credit: Dandemutande

Dandemutande, the company behind the uMax and Utande internet provider brands, has just announced the coming on of as new CEO, Michèle Scanlon, to take over from Russell Clinton who stepped down back 2012. Well, Scanlon actually takes over from Mike Weeden who was in the interim CEO role since Clinton left. Weeden’s regular role is GM for the Utande division.

Scanlon, according to the announcement has over 15 years of telecoms experience part of which she got working as Chief Commercial Officer of Mobitel, a WiMAX start-up in Nigeria. She was also part of the team that advised Dandemutande on the role out of the uMax service last year.

Dandemutande chairman, Joe Mutizwa is quoted in the appointment announcement: “We are pleased to welcome Michèle Scanlon as CEO of Dandemutande. She brings a wealth of international experience in growing new markets that will take Dandemutande to new heights as we embark on the next phase of expansion.”


  1. Pindile Mhandu

    All the best Michele

  2. alex chitongo


  3. Farai Sairai

    Had no idea russel left. I remember him coming to my former company around 2003’ish to present his services and Utande became the net provider via fibre. Gosh I miss that 512K line and Utande will email me the usage reports…ummm definitely off the charts with eDonkey and eMule working overtime after hours!! 🙂

    Anyway good luck to her. I always viewed Utande as a very good ISP though then they only took business clients due to their prices

  4. Shepherd Nhongo

    Great Stuff. Early Christmas, mother Christmas, mother nurture “not nature”. I am sure with her experience more can be realized.

    Congratulations once again

  5. Oscar Saraoga


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