Econet announces EcoLife supreme court victory against Trustco

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ecolife-bannerEconet announced today that the Supreme Court has ruled in their favour in the matter against Namibian technology company Trustco, in the Supreme Court. The two companies have been fighting in court since mid 2011 following disagreements over the running of the EcoLife service. The victory is more one of principle and closure as it has no bearing on the EcoLife service itself. Econet’s agreement with Trustco legally came to end in February last year.

A summary of the EcoLife life story:

When the fight started back in June 2011, Econet indicated they had already started work on “an alternative system that will automatically calculate your free life cover entitlements and provide you updates.” This was never mentioned again but we expect they didn’t shelve those plans completely. They probably just needed the Trustco matter to close. We wouldn’t be surprised therefore if a product close to EcoLife in nature is introduced in the coming months. That product would likely emerge from the Econet Service corner and have an EcoCash payments side.


  1. Farai Sairai

    Problem is that there are too many trial and error programs being released.People lost money with Trustco/EcoLife. What next? Another gamble with subscribers cash? I know people still smarting from this debacle and there are no returns. There should be a legal framework to protect people from such shambolic services. Good idea but implementation and protection of consumers is paramount to creating trust otherwise people will think it is a pyramid scheme.

  2. Robert Ndlovu

    “You top up with US$3 after sending the word Ecolife to 31111”
    And you signed up for free life cover ! Kwa kwa kwa

  3. edmore mbuzana

    Econet has been given another chance to dupe the consumer

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