Econet’s response to the allegations of blocking bulk SMS

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Econet logoEarlier today we posted an article titled “Operator blocking ‘legit’ bulk SMS?” in which we wrote about the blocking legitimate bulk SMS messages that a local software company, Chartered Systems Integration (CSI), says Econet is doing. We had contacted Econet for comment but they hadn’t responded in time for the publication of the article. They have since responded and basically say they are not blocking any legitimate SMS messages. They however say they do restrict access to aggregators that use international gateways to terminate SMSs on the Econet network. We’re guessing CSI’s aggregator falls under this category.

Here’s the full Econet response:

Econet is not “blocking” SMSs from legitimate bulk SMS providers or aggregators.

Econet does constantly review access of bulk SMSs to its network, in compliance with regulatory requirements and for the protection of customers. For instance, Econet restricts access to aggregators that use international gateways to terminate SMSs on the Econet network. Additionally, you will also be aware of regulatory requirements on the need to protect our customers from spam SMSs.

Our relationship with Gikko is merely that of network-and-aggregator, where Gikko pays Econet for the SMSs they send.

We are open to cooperating with SMSs aggregators, and we are working with our regulator to ensure this happens as smoothly as possible and within the regulations.


  1. ecospam

    econet, you were sending more spam to your own subscribers than anybody else?!

  2. Harlin

    Here we go again – ECONET being a forceful, vendictive and violent IDIOT seriously. I hope we all see that ECONET is slowly Making us do EVERYTHING their way (e.g. the way that ensures maximum profits to them with no care about the people giving them the profits . . . .)

    FOR #^$&@ sake Econet – how about you just come clean so we always know where we stand and we wont step on each other toes? whats that you cannot come clean . . . cause you are very dirty thats why

    POTRAZ cant regulate companies Digging every other week down my road (its like the 4th company now) but you are quick to Jump up and down on some sms spam – POTRAZ WTF do you do – WHAT DO YOU DO.

    I mean come-on people these THINGS have to change –

    1. tinm@n

      If they’re frustrating efforts to continuously spam people with unsolicited SMS’s, then I am behind them 101%.

      Moreso that our contact details are not out there in the wild with some international gateway.

      Econet should give better access to bulk SMS providers and get inspired to rip their world through some paid service. Otherwise may they carry on blocking those unsolicited SMS’s as we have too much to deal with already, given the SMS spam originating from Econet itself.

    2. spencer

      Go and lobby EMA, POTRAZ does not regulate kudhiginurwa kwemaroads and land. Besides the fact that they are carrying out the digging unobstructed means they have complied with all EMA and Council regulations anyway it is necessary for the deployment of optic fibre to the home for some of us who want high speed broadband in the comfort of our homes.

      1. Harlin

        Realy so its less than 4 companies ??????

        I dont care if its 1 company thats digging up the roads the fact that there are doing it more than once means the SO-CALLED high speed fibre that you are hopping to have in the comfort of your home IS GOING TO BE EXPENSIVE – dont you realise that all this lack of Planning and thought YOU as the CONSUMER is going to PAY HIGH PRICES FOR it. Even if you have lots of money to pay for it – there is no reason why you should pay more than you have to. HIGH SPEED Fibre lol – we are far from that …..

        1. bimp

          Broadband is 256kbps and u say 20Mbps dedicated fibre is not high speed broadband you dont know what you are talking abt,

  3. MuZimba

    ECO$windler on cards – I told u to beware of Econet. They spam my inbox with sms with no option to Opt out. They are always after money these people. I bought a samsung galaxy pocket via that promo of theirs. Only to discover that i did no longer enjoy.
    1. Data Bundle
    2. Airtime purchase and guess what they told me, Buy airtime instore. imagine in this era
    3. Buddie zone only calling usin 23c / min

    I then thot of a nick name coz i thot i was being swindled.

    They are greed and i hope Mr Masiyiwa is not involved

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