Econet adjusts daily bundles, forgets to notify customers

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econet-daily-bundle-menuRemember the Econet daily bundles? Of course you do – it’s the promotion Econet launched in last year in August that allows you get free voice minutes when you buy bundles. For example a dollar bundle would earn you 10 minutes on the Econet network instead of Just over 4 minutes on all networks (out of bundle). $2, 22 minutes and so forth, up to $20. Compared to the competition then, it was kinda underwhelming then when they launched. The news has gotten worse.

Apparently, Econet has scrapped the $1 and $2 bundles and just now only offer the $5 bundle going up. From the information we have, Econet either forgot or just didn’t think it was necessary to inform subscribers of the change of the competition:

I can no longer buy daily bundles for $1, 2,3 or $4. When I tried I got a message that said “You qualify for bigger bundles” or something to that effect. Econet customers are thoroughly unhappy about this development and have been pestering the company on its website and on Facebook complaining bitterly.  In one reply to a customer on Facebook, Econet said the lower value daily bundles are no longer available. Therefore to purchase daily bundles you must have $5 airtime. Instead of saying exactly that in plain language Econet remained mum on the fact that they had changed the structure of the promotion.

Anonymous Email from Econet Customer to Techzim

So anyway, we contacted a source at Econet and they confirmed this had happened. They confirmed that they had changed the promo but hadn’t advised the subscribers. You basically just try to buy the $1 and are told that you qualify for a more expensive bundle. Here’s another complaint on Econet’s Facebook page, together with their positive spin response.

We asked for an official comment from Econet and we hadn’t received a response to the issue by the time of publishing. We will update soon as it comes!


  1. angry

    these guys are taking us for a ride. they have always been deceivers. Long live Telecel and Netone.

  2. Ndabhohwekana

    The Nigerians will call them “Tivs”

  3. Davvy


  4. Still Accessing

    I Never stopped accessing these. I can still do them no my phone till now.

  5. Poor Journalism

    Is this an official communication from Econet about th TAX issue how they are going to handle it. Please we need decent journalism.
    Musanyora zvepasi pemuti to cause confusion. These analysis are crazy do not cover all aspect mentioned on the tax issue.

    Usaita seunonyora Politics.

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