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App preview: Emergency 24/7 app pragmatic on emergency response

emergency247app_getting_started Just six days ago, Techzim announced that Road Angels had released a Road Assist android app which, judging from reader feedback, seems to be a hit. Nevertheless, a company called Boulder Corporate Communications is working on a rival app called Emergency 24/7. The Emergency 24/7 app is one of the three ideas pitched at last week’s Pitch Night and since then we have been previewing the app, still in beta version. Whilst the Road Assist app is popular for its road companionship features like the fines list, directions and emergency services contact details, the Emergency 24/7 takes a more pragmatic approach to road emergency distress calls and response.

A distress call is made buy pressing the encircled ambulance
A distress call is made buy pressing the encircled ambulance

Emergency 24/7 app will allow subscribers to send a distress call from their mobile devices to emergency service providers, mainly ambulance services, who will in turn pin point where the distress call is being made from via GPS and respond. All this is done by pressing one button on the app. Emergency response service providers will have access to a web based application with GPS tracking software that will notify the service provider of a distress call and the location.

Admin login for emergency services providers
Admin backend were service providers access distress call information and location
Admin dashboard were service providers access distress call information and location

One of the main criticisms raised towards the Emergency 24/7 app at the Pitch Night was that since it’s an online app, it may not be useful when an emergency occurs in remote areas or when a persons finds themselves in an emergency situation without credit in their device. Boulder Corporate Communications, through lead Taka Chidyausiku says a distress signal can be sent with as little as 2 cents data credit but it’s not clear how they will work around the data coverage issue. Taka Chidyausiku says they are in talks with several emergency response service providers to implement the app and there is one front runner we can’t reveal at the moment. Since the app can only work with emergency response service providers, Taka Chidyausiku says the app may be re-branded to take up the brand of the emergency service provider or medical aid company that adopts it. Boulder Corporate Communications plans to charge partners service provider(s) a monthly subscription for each client that downloads the app. The Emergency 24/7 app also has minor features like health tips for accident related trauma.

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