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Econet’s doublespeak on EcoCash auto-signups. Tweets betray true position


ecocash-admissionWhen we contacted Econet yesterday about the auto-registration to EcoCash, they basically said that their policy is to not do such stuff. “It is not our policy to automatically register customers, as they are always given the choice to register, as well as opt out of the service.” they said. That sounded so unbelievable ofcourse.

Today, in an about turn that’s quite interesting, the company official Twitter account today confirmed the auto-registrations as somewhat new ‘policy’ intended to remove the need for voice customers to physically visit an agent. The tweet was in response to a customer that was querying an auto registration:

Then, they are asked why this was done without the prior knowledge of the customer.

Why Econet is denying and the saying yes at the same time, we have no idea. It could be whoever is manning the Twitter account hasn’t received the official “we’re saying No to initiative” communication, or that they have indeed found that they can get away with this legally.

A source at the company told us yesterday that the regulator, the Reserve Bank, had queried the auto-registrations and that as a company they had explained it as a technical glitch. This tweet certainly means it was no glitch. or maybe our source was wrong. Or maybe the organisation is just so big now, the left hand has no idea what right hand is up to.

What we can confirm however so far is that the EcoCash auto-registrations started at the weekend and that some people were still receiving them on Tuesday.

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