Telecel finally announces on net video calling


A month ago Techzim reported that Telecel was set to introduce video calling and today the MNO announced that the service is now active. Based on information gathered from sources, the service was due for launch almost a month ago but it seems to have been given less priority behind Telecel Go.

Unlike the contents of leaked documents from Telecel announcing video calling, the press release does not claim this product is new to Zimbabwe, probably taking a cue from the reader comments on a Techzim article on this same product.


Here’s the full release from Telecel:

Telecel has introduced a video calling service that allows prepaid subscribers with video calling capable handsets to make video calls to other prepaid Telecel subscribers.

Video calling, which is available on most phones with Android or Symbian OS but might not be available on some other phones with a secondary camera, allows subscribers to have face-to-face conversations by making use of the camera on their cellphones.

To make a video call, all that is required is a device with the video call feature and 3G connectivity.

“The introduction of the video calling service is centered on our objective of providing an ever wider range of products and services for different segments of our clientele.

“All that is required to make a video call is a compatible device with the video calling functionality as well as a 3G connection,” said Telecel communications and branding director Obert Mandimika.

“If the video call fails the subscriber will be given the option of making a voice call,” he said.

Currently, the service is available only for on-net calls and for prepaid subscribers.

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