This’ how angry Zambians & Nigerians are over the DStv price increases


angry-guySo apparently the DStv price increases – those annual increases they announced two weeks ago – have attracted quite a backlash.

“I love sport but will not pander to thieving” said one commenter to the story we posted here. Nigerians and Zambians are taking it even further – petitions to boycott the service!

Here’s a petition a Nigerian is running on



And here’s one by a Zambian guy. It has attracted close to a thousand signatures:


I find this quite amusing. People are literally petitioning a private company to reduce the prices of a luxury item. Yes, I think DStv is a luxury and you have a choice to subscribe or not. DStv is not the internet, people. It is not electricity! And the price increases don’t need to make exchange rate sense to customers, they just need to make profitability sense to shareholders.

So I loved this response by one Zambian on Facebook. For those of us not in Zambia, let’s just substitute ZNBC with our favourite state owned TV station!


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