Econet’s case against The Source escalates as publication is raided

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The Newsday has just reported that The Source, an online Zimbabwean business publication is being raided by the Deputy Sheriff’s department. The officers are looking for a set of documents and laptops belonging to Bernard Mpofu, one of the Source’s journalists.

This comes as a follow-up to a High Court order granted to local mobile network operator Econet Wireless and its subsidiary Steward Bank to have the publication withdraw some of its published content.

One story published by The Source alleged that Steward Bank was involved in a land swap agreement to recover $2.1 million loaned to local businessman Phillip Chiyangwa. The Source claimed to have confidential documents to support this.

A second story states that the Government had borrowed $30 million from Econet Wireless in a deal brokered by Econet Chairman Steward Bank’s founder Tawanda Nyambirai and facilitated through the bank.

Econet and Steward have sought to have the documents surrendered. The Source on the other hand, has been contesting the actions being taken by Econet and Steward Bank, citing a threat to the freedom of expression.

Is this a backlash for irresponsible journalism from the Source or press freedom being quashed by a corporate heavyweight?

This is a developing story. We will share more information on this story as details emerge.


  1. juss

    how econet has fallen

  2. TheKing

    This is what happens when you go to a gun fight with a knife. Lesson learnt, do not go to war with giants when you are just a mere ant.

  3. justin

    How the mighty has fallen. Econet the perfect picture of capitalism, greed and a big bully. shame, shame shame, shame

  4. justin

    Econet the perfect picture of capitalism, greed and a big bully. shame, shame shame, shame

  5. collen

    people are not getting it here, bank document are private they should not be published online, how do you feel if your bank shows us your bank statement, zvikwereti zvako, such freedom of press goes too far, ethics should be followed,

    imagine #Techzim publishes your email address, will u smile

  6. Ini

    I think hatred for Econet has blinkered some of us to the point of ignoring critical facts.
    1. Econet was granted an order by the High Court to have the stories pulled down, conduct search and seizure
    2. The concerned stories published “private and confidential information” to do with a bank and its clients; and transactions thereof.
    3. The bank may be sued or lose clients because of the leakage of information.
    4. The story quoted a letter from “Nyambirai to Econet Executives,” this is information placed in a safe or secured server. Having access to such raises great security concerns.
    We need to be objective on such cases

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