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This Popcorn Time option has just made streaming movies a lot easier

Remember Popcorn Time, the movie streaming service that gives you access to free movies in HD across various devices? We first saw it come and go in a short space of time because of the legal issues surrounding the service but like other BitTorrent services, it resurfaced later and has been a popular substitute for people who don’t have access to Geo Locked services like Netflix or don’t want to pay for them either..

Now a website called Popcorn time In Your Browser is giving you access to movies without the need to download an app to do so. All you do is visit the site, search for the movie title you want, wait for a bit while it retrieves it and you’re already catching the flick of your choice.

Besides a very direct reference through that domain name, there’s nothing to suggest that this is from the guys from Popcorn Time. I doubt that is an issue with anyone who wants to stream a movie though. What this does though, is make the streaming process a whole lot easier, especially where knowledge on streaming is supposed to be shared.

Just direct someone to the link and they are already accessing the movie they want (subject to availability. Some titles aren’t in that roster and some that are there weren’t streaming anything when I tried it) There are no explanations needed on how to download the Popcorn Time app.

You might not need an app or anything else for the service, but you definitely need a fibre connection for this to make sense. I’ve tried streaming on WiMAX and wouldn’t recommend that as a lasting solution because it will let you down for such exploits.

With the ease of getting movies that this presents, a capped package just won’t do it. Sure you can limit yourself to the odd movie or two on your entry level Fibroniks, Velocity or TelOne package, but nobody wants to lose an internet connection halfway through a great movie. We have ZESA doing enough of that already.

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3 thoughts on “This Popcorn Time option has just made streaming movies a lot easier

  1. It’s no longer available – the explanation is as follows:

    “Popcorn in Your Browser is no more. It relied on the free trial of remote torrenting service, which I used to stream YIFY torrents to an HTML5 video tag. This site went viral and seems to have completely overwhelmed Coinado’s servers, who in turn promptly discontinued the free trial. 🙂 It was fun while it lasted – cheers!”

  2. Just downloaded and works fine, still BETA version though. For Android users you can download HD Cinema. Very good and has got up to date movies and tv series.

    1. Subsequent to my earlier post.. HD Cinema has stopped working. Been taken down due to copyright infringement. So I guess it’s Popcorn for now

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