Econet apologises to subscribers with free airtime

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Have you received an apology and free airtime courtesy of Econet? Well, you are not the only select customer to get this. Users have begun receiving apologies from Econet for inconveniences suffered as a result of challenges they had with their billing channel. SMS messages confirming this bold move by Econet read in part that affected subscribers “have been awarded free airtime”.

It is very difficult for a conglomerate the size of Econet to publicly acknowledge that they erred offering retribution, outside of the fact that “free” does not at all resonate with Econet. If this is true, the magnitude of the problem must have been pretty serious or they had some persuasive force pressuring them into this humbling exercise.

We are not sure what these “challenges” are but the SMS messages points to system difficulties experienced between the 7th and the 13th of June. However, given Econet’s history with complaints of “disappearing” airtime, one is tempted to think that the accusations could have been true and that Econet has since resolved the system anomalies.

The last time we can remember Econet issuing an apology and refunding customers was when its billing system again had challenges back in 2013. We are not sure what type of damage such occurrences have on its licence and whether or not independent auditors are consulted in such scenarios considering POTRAZ itself does not have a Monitoring System yet. It is otherwise difficult for one to account for the purported loss.

Have you received an apology? How much airtime did you get? Let us know.


  1. zimboguy

    i received the apology saying i got free etym but no free etym in my account. econet is now crazy

    1. Jim

      Just like me it’s an empty apology

  2. Beki

    I bought 750MB of the dream bundle, first day I was left with 566MB. Second day nothing zero! It disappeared. It was supposed to last for 3 days. Just to remind you that its tightly throttled. You cnnot even finish half of the daily bundle. Getting speeds of 8kb/s at 2AM and you finish the bundle. These guys are tragic!

    1. Tk

      8kb/s is a very slow speed. 8kb/s meaning 1KB/s. Haa musadaro econet

  3. Simon

    we don’t want apologies anymore,we are just tired of Econet and we are moving over to maybe NetOne or Telecel

  4. dj

    Mr Masiwa is a true thief………anonyepedzera kuva humble achifuta nemari dzedu pano apa

  5. Richard

    I got 1.20 from econet and it was used up before the end of the day, despite me not browsing anything and having whatsapp bundles,the thieving continues!!

  6. Dube

    Hello Netone

  7. so what

    ini ndakanga ndanetseka neproblem airtym inongoita zero balance , but kubva pandakaisa line rangu mukambudzi i dont have that problem. Musanyebere manetwork zvikwambo zvenyu zvamuri kufamba makaisa muhomwe izvo muchakaura . ASK ME.

  8. Anonymous

    Saw the sms, checked my phone and no credit or airtime

  9. Anonymous

    Topped my artym last week and it disappeared they are thievies HELLO telecel

  10. nas

    haha ecothieves i got the text asi hapana mari yandakawona econet is loosing it ,zvinhu zvicha chinja a better competitor will come and people will just shift

  11. KUMAR

    econet kudiiko iko kune netone

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