Of new inventions, physics defying miracle devices and what to believe

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So there’s been a lot noise around whether a guy is an inventor or not. A huge crowd came to the comments section of the story – Trolls and good people alike, they screamed. “He can’t have invented anything! How dare he compare himself to Elon Musk!” a half of the crowd’s been shouting angrily. The other is not helping matters at all, having given up all debate to religion “With the Christian God, anything is possible!”

The curious few have ofcourse been left wondering what exactly is going on. Here are my brief thoughts on the matter.

  1. If Maxwell won’t say how his new invention works and chooses to leave it all to “God gave me the blueprints” then what exactly is he trying to achieve with this campaign? Get investors? What investor puts money in a scientific research project based on “God told me to…” Yes, I know to the Man of Faith, this approach is heathen and I’m sorry, but on this one even God would love that you show us the scientific proof because it may actually be new science.
  2. We need to stop this attitude of not wanting proof in the science preferring instead to leave it at just  “God did it for us”. God gave us amazing brains so that we can think up new stuff to improve our lives. Science builds on science, it doesn’t defy it inexplicably. You may know the words of one inventor and futurist, Charles Clarke, who said “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”.
  3. The science is what’s going to get this invested in if it’s worth it. Besides, if not based on the science, what happens to the foolish investor if Max falls out of favour with his God? Dreaming finito, let’s all go home, the connection’s lost?
  4. To follow the money a bit here; is investment the reason the media was called to cover this? If not, then what exactly was the motivation of this move? Why now? Why call journos to show them drones, a car and copters only to clarify later (after being called out) that these were just bought off Alibaba and that they’re not the deal? Why did the media need to believe that you had made those things?
  5. And why the comparison against Tesla’s stuff. If we’re going to compare then we should go into spec details and demonstrate the science at work that proves this. Say: this is what Tesla’s technology does (it’s open source btw) and now watch what our technology does. Spec by spec. Just saying “our car” is better than a Tesla is useless to anyone trying to understand what you thing is, since, really, it’s not even the car that’s the point right? It’s the generator that runs on nothing.
  6. In fact, how hard is it, without even disclosing the technology behind the power, to just take it to the UZ engineering department and have the car run under test conditions (locked warehouse where car wheels spin as they would on the road) for a 3 week non-stop?  If it doesn’t need any fuel, then there’s nothing to lose right? And maybe we can have the scientists say “We have no idea how it’s doing this but we checked and it’s running without fuel or ordinary battery for thousands of miles non-stop!”
  7. The videos don’t help either. They just say the car is the result of a blueprints given to Max by God in dreams and that’s it. More inspirational and religion than invention. What is Zimbabwe supposed to do with this?

  8. I have no idea if he's onto something or not, but so far all this doesn't make any sense. For the world's sake, and for Zimbabwe's sake, I'd like to be proven wrong. I'd like to one day realise that he was just a misunderstood genius who created a world changing tool and that maybe it's all these men of faith around him that were confusing the message.
  9. That aside. Arguing that this guy can't invent anything because he's Zimbabwean, is not Elon Musk, is not Einstein, is black, is not educated and all other such nonsense should understand another of Clarke's lines: "Witchcraft to the ignorant, ... simple science to the learned"


  1. panenyayaapa

    Well said Kabweza, very succinctly put!!! Max please answer these very valid queries and challenges to your “invention”

  2. Not really

    Papertutual motion machine ge really needs to explain how he did the impossible and invented 1. Bt doubting but even the sun usnt a perpetual motion machine

  3. form2

    this is not about who this guy is or the fact that is in Zimbabwe. Its about E=MC2. energy in = energy out (i.e workdone) . He says he uses radiowaves to bombard some material. What is this material?How much power is needed for the radio wave generator that he uses to bombard the magnets.

  4. form2

    This is bullshit. Rimwe richadyiwa mari mahara. fools are born everyday.

  5. kundai

    finally an article that makes sense

    1. kundai

      as for victor off with your head

      1. #VictorMustGo

        Say that again. Victor Mukandatsama needs to go!

  6. G

    let him first get his patents then he can showcase the inner workings of his technology to do that now would not be wise.

    1. macd chip

      There is no patent office for miracles and spiritual hallucinations.

      Patents to be given have to satisfy certain criteria on of them being thorough testing by professionals and laws of physics also playing a major

      So how is gona go around this when his claim is spiritual blaa blaaa blaaaa

  7. kilotango

    Kabweza, finally some sense! i still think that Techzim should consult with a neutral party who have relevant credentials on this topic.. and who would be able to give their insights into some of these claims from a scientific point of view. e.g get NUST or UZ involved in this debate

  8. wengai

    Thats what all along we were waiting for, a sober mind at techzim to look into these allegations. To produce a machine that amplifies energy from noway is really the “HOLY GRAIL” of science if not the entire universe. The consequences of such a MEGA discovery would be an entire shift in science as we know it today. Even scientists working on CERN’s Large Hydron Collider (LHC) would have to re-write the entire quantum physics. In short, the first principle of thermodynamics is the very fabric that binds the universe together, it is God, it cannot be violated.

  9. justin

    Breath of fresh air!

  10. justin

    Never hide behind God when discussing science! Prove yourself. Einstein also believed in God, but he gave us e=mc2.

    I only believe in God, men should prove themselves, even so called Prophets and their GROUPIES

  11. Chris Hanyane

    If only some people knew how much science has neither explained nor yet discovered. The guy says he took some of his stuff to the Air Force and some aircraft authority and that was validated. And what about the Broadcom guy who invested in him? Is he also a dreamer? And don’t say that was why Broadcom failded be cause it was more to do with Financial engineering than the scientific engineering. Those demanding more scientific validation are right . But dismissing the guy’s ability to invent because he hasn’t provided scientific validation in unscientific and not clever. I will not get into the religious side of this discourse since it calls on referring to scriptures, something I believe is beyond the scope of looking for scientific validation.

    1. macd chip

      If he doesnt want to be dismissed as another lunatic then let him provide his works evidence, workshop manual, lab experiments etc etc.

      Working up and going to airforce with stuff you bought from China is not evidence that it works is it?

      1. Chris Hanyane

        He demonstrated a landing system and surely the air force guys could make out if it was a product bought from china. I am sure their testing system/approach also makes a descent effort in finding out whether you know what you are talking about, its a new approach and etc.

        1. macd chip

          When you are landing one plane every 2 hrs or 3hrs is different in environment where planes take off and land every 2mins and lots waiting in the skies.

          The army had a look at it so what?

          1. Chris Hanyane

            I thought there was a clamor to get a second opinion on this. The army is a credible second opinion on whether there is substance in a air craft landing system they are testing and according to what they said they ticked the box. The 2 planes in 3 hours test is surely a stress test that should follow initial test a protected environment. I am in the same boat with all those requesting more proof. What I find a bit uncomfortable is complete dismissal especially in the face of the Broadcom investment. That Braodcom fella is not an imbecile. I believe he drove the Nigeria and Kenya forays by econet. This to me is some form of validation.

            1. macd chip

              Can we have the name of general who ticked the box and gave it thump up. This who thing is a scam based gossip

              1. Chris Hanyane

                Its very difficult to keep up with you mad chip. There are better ways of validating scientific claims, which I think is what you want to do, right, than asking for names of people. I also believe that Techzim is a consumer/user space that exposes products and services. When a new product comes to the market, most people are interested in usability, availability etc and not patent verification, even if the marketing guys want claim there are there is a patent. Those who want the kind of detailed scientific and related patents, which includes the claims being protected, know fully well that the names of verifiers etc are very much at the bottom of the pyramid and know the route to follow. I think you have made your point about doubting this fella. You have however added very little new thought process. I hope your next post advances arguments here than going round and round shouting “I don’t believe this guy!”. That is my final say on this one.

              2. macd chip

                Its called protecting public. What if that helicopter takes off and crash into a school.

                Do you how dangerous radiation is to you health if radio transmitters are not properly tested to make sure they meet minimum health requirements.

                If he had admitted that he is buying and selling from China l wouldnot even bothered commenting.

                We need names of people who verified his stuff so that should they be loss of life or complication to health caused by his devices, we know who to prosecute .

      2. #VictorMustGo

        Is there evidence, apart from his say so, that he really went to theAFZ. We should be more discerning people.

        1. macd chip

          its all hearsay

    2. Nyatimhenyu

      @Chris Hanyane. you are being too charitable with this guy. Any person making an investment or marketing pitch ( which i suspect is why Maxwell put time, effort and resources to invite people to Bluff Hill) you must pre empt all logical and predictable questions ( FAQ s if u like). If he could invest money and logistics to fly in stuff from China , y not show the same invention in bringing in Bruce Mujeyi, the army guy who did the tests, and Wazara of broadband to be part of a panel of witnesses who can testify to his amazing talents ? Boggles the mind surely..

      1. Chris Hanyane

        You are right about me being charitable to the guy. But then so are most people who attend product briefs/marketing pitches – depending on what part of the product development cycle you are in. Have you seen HoloLens presentations for example https://www.microsoft.com/microsoft-hololens/en-us . No patent number is given, no lead investor (Balmer in tis case) and no release dates. A string of designers are line up and all they talk about is how wonderful the product is. Those who attend come out saying wow! I don’t know whether it was an investment pitch. Even our rock star Sai Sai team refused/dodged questions about patent at Demo Africa but people there, including the interviewer/judge knew that this is not the forum for that and moved on. The rest is history. If the guy is selling snake oil, then they will catch up with him. Does he have a product? Yes – he demonstrated it the way Microsoft showed their HoloLens. Did the people who were viewing it believe? I don’t know because I was not there. Should a more scientific approach be conducted? Of course! By everyone? I don’t think so. Only those qualified to understand quantum whatever. Should people doubt him? This is a free country. Do I personally think he product works? I don’t know but I sure hope it does, the same way I hope that the HoloLens works. I have plans to use the Saith generator somewhere in Tsholotsho to supply power to the HoloLens virtual climate change demos and e-Agriculture courses I am planning develop for rural farmers.

        1. Tapiwa✓

          It is ridiculous to compare HoloLens with the so-called Microsonic device on multiple levels.
          1. Microsoft patented hololens (no. 20130196757)
          2. HoloLens is an evolutionary product. Augmented Reality has been researched since the 80s, if not before.
          3. Microsoft never claimed Hololens violates known science. Had they claimed that, they too would have had their feet held to the fire for proof.
          4. Microsoft has a research lab

    3. Nyatimhenyu

      Reminds me of that Takudzwa Razemba character.. google him.

    4. Eliphas

      Dude, the army in Zim knows very little about tech. Very little indeed. Innovation is not their strength.

  12. Concerned Zimbo

    This is a typical DHIZIRI PA CHINHOYI template……………….

  13. Charle

    I bet if this guy was Mr Jonh Brown, from the US there shouldn’t have been all these critics and stupid opinions, instead we would hear things like “ha murungu akaoma akomana” or “ha ma China haaite” whats your problem guys??
    If you don’t believe then just ignore why are you even wasting your time typing that BS … “kana zviri zvamwari ngazviudzwe munhu wese bla bla bla” …. why? even if it was yu, you’ve just discovered how to do the impossible, would you rush telling everyone right-away…
    Even on that Tesla’s model there are other things considered as secrets like the arrangement of battery cells etc.. should we demand to know the shit ha?
    Give them their time,its their shit they dont need your money or your motivation, infact its non of your f**king bussines….
    you where told about talking snakes,people having a life span of thousans of years,a female and a male populating the whole world(whites,blacks,browns,pink) within the last 2 thousand years and you believed that? ..
    Supprisingly you now want EVIDENCE.. (thats reality now)
    the impossible can not be possible, f**k who said its not possible? and whats so special about those dead uncles of yours, where they Gods (mybe bacause they where white people), for them to declare”this is possible and this is not possible”
    We are still yet to discover every shit on the planet, a***oles!!

    1. macd chip

      We are defending the only space where stupid sons of prophets have not yet fully invaded.

      But it seems that Victor guy is determined to bring his whole church at Techzim.

      Why is that Max thing is not here to defend his spiritual things?

      1. Mr Fedza

        you are not ready to listen, even if He comes without wisdom you will understand not. Sorry if you are right then everyone is wrong that’s it. continue doing your business if you have one and let Saith do their things.

        1. macd chip

          My business is what lm doing now, let (F)Saith do their thing, showing their miracles in churches where its readily welcome.

          Here at IT blogs we ask questions and interogate every respond.

    2. Eliphas

      Dude, the whites you talk about prove their claims. For example, one guy built himself a solar plane and flew all the way from Japan to Hawaii. Even if he got the inspiration from God-knows-who, the point is he flew the machine and it was seen flying.

      You can find out secrets on a Tesla by buying the Tesla and reverse-engineer it, s really no secret, lol

  14. TheDutch

    Zimbabwe’s Prof. Elon Saith… Lol…

  15. Alecio Barreto Fernandes

    Dear readers,
    I am a Brazilian engineer, MSc, PhD and MBA in electrical engineering.
    I deal with energy (generation, transmission and distribution) and have more than 20 years of experience in this subject.
    My speciality are electromagnetic transients.
    Please see my profile in internet, Google or LinkedIN. My name is Alecio Barreto Fernandes.

    I am writing this comment to testify that the Greener Power Machine (GPM) works and I saw it generating energy.
    The MSED (Micro-Sonic Eletronic Device) is real and it can produce energy as explained.
    Details can not be given right now, but MSED is a scientific revolution.
    I understand that is not easy to accept, but the output power is superior to input power (provided by its batteries).

    How this can happen? This was my first question when I was presented to GPM in 2014.
    The thermodynamics laws say that this is impossible.

    Some time ago, we believed that an atom was composed only by protons, neutrons and electrons. Nowadays, in a quantum physics perspective (subatomic length scales), many concepts concerning physical objects and energy (including the photons making up visible light) are believed to behave and interact extremely differently than is usually seen in daily life.
    Important applications of quantum mechanical theory include superconducting magnets, LEDs and the laser, the transistor and semiconductors such as the microprocessor, medical and research imaging such as MRI and electron microscopy, and explanations for many biological and physical phenomena.

    The quantum-mechanical atomic model has succeeded spectacularly in the realm where classical mechanics and electromagnetism falter.
    In general relativity conservation of energy-momentum is expressed with the aid of a stress-energy-momentum pseudotensor. The theory of general relativity leaves open the question of whether there is a conservation of energy for the entire universe.

    In this context, GPM can be possible.
    So, I invited you to think the MSED as a possibility.

    1. L.S.M Kabweza

      What is an “MBA in electrical engineering”?

      1. Tajutwa

        If you try to google any of his sentences you will find them on Wikipedia. Fernandes response is not originally his. He should have made a reference to Wikipedia. We want what he thinks not copy and paste responses.

        1. Alecio Barreto Fernandes

          Dear Tajutwa,

          Did you know that I can write and put my contributions on Wikipedia???
          Did you know that you can do this???

          How do you think that the Wikipedia material (texts) “was born”???

          Please, my comments are not new, these statements are public domain.
          These statements are in the papers and books also.
          See the references on Wikipedia.

          I am talking about to see the GPM from a new perspective.
          Quantum physics is a good example that what is absolut true today can change tomorrow …
          I am not explaining the GPM. But I am not sceptic about it.
          Did you really read my comments???

          The Zimbabweans believe in their compratiots???
          Can come something good from Zimbabwe??? I answer YES!!!
          Please, believe in you and in your country.
          I just was three times in Zimbabwe and I belive in Zimbabweans.
          Needs a Brazilian guy to say this???

          If you are think that I am fake (as your partners), what can I do???
          Please before post your comment, see my profile in LinkedIN.
          Did you do this???

          Thank you for your unhappy comments.
          Best Regards.

        2. Concerned

          Tajutwa, If you don’t know, please, keep your thoughts to yourself. That’s so embarrassing. Google stuff before you voice it out if you are not sure of what you are saying

      2. Alecio Barreto Fernandes

        Dear Kabweza,
        Please, find below a better career presentation.
        • MBA in Management Development on Institutional Aspects of Electricity Sector (CAISE) by IAG/PUC-Rio, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, Brazil, in 2009.
        • Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Federal University of Paraiba, Campina Grande – PB, Brazil, in 2001.
        • Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Federal University of Paraiba, Campina Grande – PB, Brazil, in 1996.
        • Degree in Electrical Engineering from Federal University of Paraiba, Campina Grande – PB, Brazil, in 1994.

        Please, if you inform your e-mail I can send you more details about my career.
        Best Regards.

      3. fourwallsinaroom

        lsm surely an ip lookup assuming no vpn here will give us the locale of this brazilian.

        1. Alecio Barreto Fernandes

          Good ideia Sir.
          Try it and posted here the result.

        2. macd chip

          I was thinking the same but scammers are always ahead of the game, most of them use tor browser where you can chose a country where you want your traffic to look like its from there.

          1. fourwallsinaroom

            Looked for this guy high and low and no dice! Not a single paper online published or even referenced! Next step call the institutions as soon as I have the time. Also why turn down Lesotho i believe and work with Brazil? And if according to his own figures why is Brazil still building solar farms when obviously this is not required at all!

            1. Alecio Barreto Fernandes

              Dear Sir,

              You don’t know to search in the internet.
              Please, see https://www.researchgate.net/profile/AB_Fernandes

              What do you know about Brazil???
              Stop being stupid and ignorant.
              Dou you know read in portuguese???
              See http://www.canalenergia.com.br/zpublisher/materias/Planejamento_e_Expansao.asp?id=107527

              After, ask me for apologies!!!

          2. fourwallsinaroom

            https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=28354640&postID=114800695139402786&page=1&token=1438151513553 – This guy has been on blogger since 2006. Same name same qualifications. Lets see what he has to say about Saith.

            1. Alecio Barreto Fernandes

              I received you e-mail as “HowsThatForIrony”.
              I will response your message when I am out of ONS due to firewall.


            2. Alecio Barreto Fernandes
              1. fourwallsinaroom

                You sir are pretty smart. But not smart enough.
                Here is how i figured out you were a fraud…
                When you realised you could not access the blogger profile to post a reply, you quickly created a google plus profile. You knew you could use the same name and chances of discovering your fraud were minimal.
                Alas the one thing you over looked was the google plus profile is not tied to the blogger profile. infact https://www.blogger.com/profile/07575370356767156378 – the real person vs https://plus.google.com/108187920470660731222/posts

                you used the excuse of a firewall, so that you had time to create the profile get some friends etc.
                Nice try, but some of us have time to find out who is real and who is not.. next time maybe try hack the blogger account. (oh and funny since you created your plus account, it now shows on google search, you never used to show before… you also have a youtube profile now… lol) thanks for the humor chief.

            3. Alecio Barreto Fernandes

              Definitely, you are crazy!!!
              So, the problem is your.
              Next time I go to Zimbabwe, I will notify the Techzim.

      4. Alecio Barreto Fernandes

        Dear Mr. Kabweza,

        In attention and respect to Techzim readers, I would like to prove my identity.
        Please, give me the opportunity to do this, and say me how.

        In our culture this type of attitude, to call a professional of dissembler and shammer, is very serious.

        As Techzim reporter, you must be access to my e-mail address.
        Please contact me.
        Thanks in advance.

    2. Wakizy

      No one is buying your 419 scam story. Zimbabwe is not some African country you can just hoodwink. Try this in Brazil, we are fine with our blend fuel and coal power thank you very much.

      1. Alecio Barreto Fernandes


        What do you know about Brazil???
        Nowadays, Brazilian energy matrix has hydroeletric (61.5%), thermal plants (28.4%), wind farms (4.6%, more than 6,0GW up to now), photovoltaic plants (0.01%) and others sources, with an installed capacity of 142GW.

        Please, confirm these data in http://www.aneel.gov.br/aplicacoes/capacidadebrasil/capacidadebrasil.cfm

        Our power grid has more than 100,000km of transmission lines.
        Did you know???

        In spite of this diversity, we are passing for an energetic crises.
        I am working hard to bring the GPM for Brazil.
        Because GPM provides many new possibilities …
        Generation close of load, clean and green power generation, noise free, low costs of O&M (without mechanical parts), and others …

        If Zimbabwe is autosuficiente in energy generation, CONGRATULATIONS!!!
        If your country prefers burn coal …
        Brazil will enjoy so much of this invention.

        Best Regards.

        1. Wakizy

          Yes we prefer to burn coal. Please invite Max to come to Brazil and give him citizenship. We are not interested in his false marketing activities. Anyhow let me get back to inventing the light bulb.

    3. macd chip

      I interpret it as:

      Dear Reader

      Im a Zimbabwean son of Papa who cannot stand whilst you guys are exposing our well planned 419 scam which worked very well on Wazara and we are about to capture the whole nation.

      Papa is not happy, he asked me to go on internet, find a name and look for words which sounds more tech advanced and counter all the arguments.

      I came across quantum physics and a little dig, it really parallels our saith scam. By the way, we would have named our scam FAITH, but we replaced F with S so that it doesnt look that obvious.

      1. Alecio Barreto Fernandes

        Who are you realy???
        What is your academic formation???
        Why to believe that my explanation is part of a big conspiration plan???

        The Zimbabweans are not as you.
        Please, if you don´t have anything useful to say …

        You want not accept … it is fact.
        Everything that someone can say you will treat as lie. You are polarized.
        Please, open your mind.

        This opposition is not bad.
        Due to persons like you the science is where is.

        Thank you so much for your unhappy comment.

        1. macd chip

          Im nobody who knows pure diesel doesnot come from rocks in Chinhoyi. Do you know what happened in Chinhoyi?

          Im a non entity who knows you cannot instantly loose weight with all those pastors behind Max being cheer leaders. Do watch happened that day in Harare?

          If education matters to your so much that you profile people and group them, have you checked Max academic achievements?

          Anyone can assemble bits like what he is doing, its not hard at all.

          Trying to flog it as new inventions having people like you behind him is what lm against

      2. Mr Fedza

        @macd chip #l was looking closely your responds to your fellow Zimbabwean and Alecio Barreto Fernandes who is willing to help you understand. l have discovered that there is nothing good can come from your mind of macd chip. sorry sorry a thousand time or 500 000kw times kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

        1. Wakizy

          Yet another Nigerian con artist has joined the debate. Would you perhaps want us to send tou our bank details so you can send us this new invention. Do u also want us to send money cuz some family memeber is sick. Gerare here.

        2. macd chip

          You have changed your name from Alecio Barreto Fernandes, l knew you were not Brazilian!

          I did not ask much, all l asked was white papers produced by Max for peer review.

          You scammers can try to help each other but your operandi is the same, you are easy to sneef kilometers away.

  16. panenyayaapa

    Quantum mechanical atomic model my foot!!!! Fake Dr Fernández, it is not enough to hijack someone’s identity then cut and paste absolute hogwash (verbal diarrhoea) about quantum mechanics, stringing together a whole bunch of common scientific words and phrases, without actually answering the burning questions here. This famous disclaimer of “it works but details cannot be given” is hogwash because it only supports your blatant dishonesty over why patents were not registered in the first place! We are not idiots hey! If the GPM really worked in 2014 then how would someone with an illustrious career/credentials such as Dr Fernández fail to even assist in the patent registration internationally let alone provide a basic breakdown explanation of the less-makes-more energy chain. This BS spill allows you fake pastors to extend this shameful charade – shame on you! Congratulations fakesters Facebook is now loaded with pics of Max and his “invented” Choppers Cars Drones (made in China) with thousands of Zimbos now believing these are products invented by Max due to your gross economy with the truth. Well the truth shall set you free watch this space! If you, with you claimed degrees and experience, can’t explain in simple terms how the GPM and MSED work as claimed, if you can’t register the patent, then quit posting here coz noone wants to hear those kind of excuses on a tech forum. There are plenty of sites where fake pastors post their propaganda! I challenge you to post your Brazilian mobile number and address here. Dr Fernández my foot!

    1. macd chip

      And also where he attend his University, l can phone and verify that,

      Just drop the numbers and the fun begins

      1. Alecio Barreto Fernandes

        Please, find below your answers.

        • MBA in Management Development on Institutional Aspects of Electricity Sector (CAISE) by IAG/PUC-Rio, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, Brazil, in 2009.
        • Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Federal University of Paraiba, Campina Grande – PB, Brazil, in 2001.
        • Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Federal University of Paraiba, Campina Grande – PB, Brazil, in 1996.
        • Degree in Electrical Engineering from Federal University of Paraiba, Campina Grande – PB, Brazil, in 1994.

        About my phone number, I reserve the right to not inform to avoid misuse.
        But, please, inform your name and e-mail. I can send you more details about my career.

        The fun begins …

        1. macd chip

          That was before l noticed you are peddling 419 scam. If you have been to Zimbabwe, can you tell me which dates you landed and how long you stayed in the country on each visit.

          This with you stamped passport pages can easily be verified with the Immigration Department.

          What sort of visa did you get to get into the country, which entry point did you use?

          1. Alecio Barreto Fernandes

            If you send me an private message on Facebook, I will send you a photo of my passport VISA and a photo of Meikles Hotel account.
            If I prove, do you ask me for formally apologies in this site???

            Or you will say that the passport VISA can be fake, the hotel account can be fake …
            Are you FAKE???

            1. macd chip

              They will need to be verified first.

              By the way, when are you back in the country we can catch up. Im sure guys at Techzim and public will be happy to be there and for the benefit of public.

              1. Alecio Barreto Fernandes

                I will propose to Techzim an interview with me.
                I want to prove my identity.

                In Brazil I don’t need to prove anything to anyone, but in Zimbabwe it will be needed.

    2. Alecio Barreto Fernandes

      Please, what do you know about patents???
      What your academic formation???
      Who are you???
      What do you know about quantum mechanics???
      How many technical articles do you published at IEEE??? (do you know what is IEEE???)

      Sorry for this approach, but your comment is unbecoming and plenty of bad words.
      Respect me!!!
      Do you know where Brazil is???
      What kind of country is Brazil???

      Why is more easy to believe that my comment and identity are fake???
      Did you see my profile before write your comment???

      Why do you need to talk about religion or beliefs???
      Please …

      What do you know about business strategy???
      I was in Harare three times since may/2014 to see the GPM.

      But you want not to accept the facts. You are polarized.
      Everything is lie … everyone are fake … nothing that I can say will convince you.

      In my comment, I posted an alternate point of view …
      Quantum physics is a good example that what is absolut true today can change tomorrow …
      In fact, I did not expect that someone like you would understand …

      This opposition is not bad.
      Due to persons like you the science is where is.
      Thank you so much for your unhappy comment.

      1. macd chip

        So you are so educated that you are asking what other people have archieved, what have Max achieved in academia circles?

        If you have been to Harare, who else, sane person educated like you was there, Zimbabwean to validate this.

        I do not believe you are Brazilian at all, you are a specialised 419 scammer!!

        1. Wakizy

          The way the fake Doc writes is exactly like the 419 scams. Am sure these saith guys are all over social media trying to push their agenda.

          1. macd chip

            Have you noticed how they are trying now after the god spiritual road failed.

            Im not Zimbabwean but blaa blaa blaa.

            Im from Brazil and blaa blaa blaa

            The next one will be: lm not from earth but saith blaa blaaa

            1. Alecio Barreto Fernandes

              Without arguments???
              Are you nervous???
              Bla, bla, bla, does mean I don´t know what to say???

              I finish here.
              You don´t worth.

              1. macd chip

                Blaaa blaaa blaa means l do not want to repeat your garbage…

        2. Alecio Barreto Fernandes

          Dear macd chip,

          Do you know Facebook?
          Please, type my name and find me over there.
          So easy.

          After that, leave your apologies over there and here.

          1. macd chip

            Anybody can create a facebook account, even Mark Zuckerbeg had his account clonned by scammers and there is a lot of imposters there.

            I can be Dilma Vana Rousseff on facebook for all you like.

            So its no big deal for scammer name to be on facebook with your gangster appearing as valid peers and professional friends

            1. Mr Fedza

              There is only one name like that on facebook.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

              1. macd chip

                He had his name clonned before, you were busy chasing miracles:

                Here is a bedtime little read for ya:


        3. Mr Fedza

          lf you are not learned just say it. If you are looking for answers from Max and Techzim answer first.

          1. macd chip

            Is Max do learned then??

      2. Anonymous

        Wadyiwa Alecio Barreto Fernandes. Bvumawo

        1. Mr Fedza


  17. justin

    Unless Max gets his devices peer reviewed, there is nothing to talk about, well maybe we can talk about the con

  18. Raymond Bangura

    Guys I’m not Zimbabwean nor an expert in quantum mechanics but I was looking at the inventions and thought that we shouldn’t just dismiss this guy as being paranoid. As some of you are suggesting, his works need some scientific explanation. Can anyone help in that direction? I think more research needs to be done. Earlier scientists like Mendel with his heredity experiments, which are now known as the laws of genetics, was rejected and he died as a pauper. The same thing happened to Nicola Tesla with his work on AC vs DC electricity. These people are now been hailed as great scientists. Scientific discoveries often start from someone dreaming about something that is put into reality. Please I’m not saying though that all dreamers dreams can be put to reality. Some of them are just illusions. So for the mere fact that this young brain is able to put something together and make it work, deserves commendation. He is not saying that he has reinvented the wheels but looking at doing things in a different way. Look when we were at school, we were taught about the 9 planets but now Pluto has been excluded. So all those scholars who got their degrees believing that Pluto is a planet will not have their PhDs, MAs, MScs etc revoked. Do they? No. Its now time to move on. Science itself is evolving and there is end in sight.

    1. macd chip

      “…. Can anyone help in that direction?..”

      No because he is claiming to led by spiritual powers which only talks to him, he is just asking everyone to believe his lunacy.

      “…Scientific discoveries often start from someone dreaming about something that is put into reality…”

      Yes thats right, but he is claiming to defy the science which makes things happen.

      “….So for the mere fact that this young brain is able to put something together and make it work, deserves commendation…”

      Everything comes with a manual now as long as you can read and follow instructions. Thanks to Gillis Lundgren invention of flat packing: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/50-years-of-the-flat-pack-631553

  19. Tendai

    Lets not forget the diesel from the rock. Our honorable and educated ministers were conned. I hope its not a similar story.

    With time the truth will come out.

  20. Charle

    woooow real advanced science is now linking with christianity, and some christians NOW want evidence of things.. kkkkk where is your FAITH now!!!

    1. macd chip

      Did you mean “where is your SAITH now”??

  21. Charle

    woooow real advanced science is now somehow linking with christianity, and some christians NOW want evidence of things.. kkkkk where is your FAITH now!!!

    1. Wakizy

      We have faith in God. Not some con artist and failed venture capitalists like Wazara.

      1. macd chip

        Mwari Musiki we bore down our heads in fear!

      2. Charle

        Yes i have faith in good too, but dismising someone’s discoveries and labling them as failures is not good-doing, i wonder if good likes that…

        1. macd chip

          Discovering products from China is not that a bigger deal is it?

          1. Anonymous

            Its where you put your faith in. Faith dzakasiyana

  22. Op

    This man has done something commendable for the nation and it comes at a time when a certain Man of God has been talking bout this, in fact he has been preaching about this since 2014, “The Spirit of Invention”, I just extracted some writings from the facebook page of the church “””Throughout the Scripture, we see paradigm shifts occurring in the lives of the Bible greats after God revealed to them precisely how to go about an invention. For example Noah had a visitation from God, and was vividly shown how to go about constructing the ark in its entirety: “And this is the fashion which thou shalt make it of :…”( Genesis 6:15 KJV) The Ark was a masterpiece, and it all culminated from an idea that God released to Noah. Moses too, built the tabernacle using a design he received directly from God, and what a truly heavenly design it was; “According to all that I shew thee, after the pattern of the tabernacle, and the pattern of all the instruments thereof, even so shall ye make it.”(Exodus 25:9 KJV) “And look that thou make them after their pattern, which was shewed thee in the mount.” (Exodus 25:40 KJV)
    That is the mind of God to fill his children with His wisdom that is spoken of in the Scripture:
    “I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions.” (Proverbs 8:12
    Every new concept emanates from the spirit realm, in other words, it is a product of the spirit. “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” (James 1:17 KJV) Your purpose will enable you to see beyond the boundaries of society and ensure you are a producer of a new product. In other words, it will be: A SPIRITUALLY INSPIRED ANSWER TO PHYSICAL NEEDS!””” You can read more for yourself my eyes have been opened by what this Ministry is talking about. I think it could help us all in evaluating this matter from a religious point of view… https://www.facebook.com/pages/Assigned-Ministers-Ministries-International/307449306033727

    1. macd chip

      How about giving us and refering us to some similar research papers this guy has done. Quoting bible verses is not what tech guys want.

      If you go for swimming, you wear swimming clothes, your do not wear your best suit claiming god will protect it from being wet.

      You are writing on a tech publication, not a church blog so give us something more related to to technology.

      If we wanted chuech sermons we go to church blogs.

    2. Anonymous

      If the devil can quote the bible anyone can quote. Motive ndidzo dzinosiyana

  23. Dedza

    You would be an idiot to believe this guy!

  24. Changamire

    This man has just claimed to solve half the worlds problems with his machine. Energy is the basis of life and if you can create energy perpetually thats god send. If its true and its discovered in zim that the end to poverty. Every single person will need it no need for hydrocarbons . World economy will fundamentally change. This is tge holy grail . All we learnt as human beings since the beginning of time will change. This is not a small claim like finding the cure for AIDS this is much bigger. Given the magnitude of potential effects it has to be verified there has to be verification. Guys who build tge plane and the combustion engine did not claim trade secret because they had nothing to hide. What he claims to have done will make him the greatest inventor ever. Whether God was involved is neither here nor there. If it turns out to be a scam and makes up Zimbabweans a laughing stock he should be shot

    1. macd chip

      Americans do not waste time when they see a talent, they offer you scholarship and all you need to be in America if you are promising such big change in the world

    2. Shark

      Changamire well said. What this guy has done has the potential to cause World War Three and make Zimbabwe the next America, Russia, Britain, China and Israel all in one. It is the equivalent of the Atomic bomb as it will disrupt thousands of Industries and cripple countless organisations. If this is a legitimate claim, we are the next Middle East.

      1. mhofela

        This is good stuff people must admit

  25. justin

    Is the Brazilian who frequents Zimbabwe blogs still posting?

    1. Alecio Barreto Fernandes

      I am here Sir …
      Any questions???

      1. Tapiwa✔

        Please provide a link to the peer-reviewed research paper on your findings on this revolutionary device. I am certain labs all over the labs are queueing to reproduce your experiment’s results. A discovery of this magnitude belongs on the cover of Nature, not relegated to the comment-section of a 3rd-world Technology blog.

        As a scientist, I am sure you know the rigor needed to prove new science. “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof”

        1. Alecio Barreto Fernandes

          Dear Tapiwa,

          The paper about MSED will published very soon.
          Submissions will be done to IEEE (do you know?), CIGRÉ. and others.
          I am involved in this project, in part, to do this.

          For now, please see my published papers at https://www.researchgate.net/profile/AB_Fernandes

          You can download some papers published in english.

          1. Tapiwa✔

            So what you are saying is there is no peer reviewed paper in this “physics violating” device. Got it.

            Science is not based on personality, past-work or hearsay: its built on repeatable, verifiable experiments and peer reviewed papers that discuss results. There is nothing of that sort here and you are wasting everyone’s time.

            I don’t really care for ‘your’ other papers. Or for your unverified ID for that matter. I’ll stop wasting my time talking to an imposter.

            1. Alecio Barreto Fernandes

              You don’t worth guy.
              I don’t need to prove anything for you.

  26. Ryan

    Your quote is incorrectly attributed to Charles Clark, it was Arthur C. Clarke who said “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” as part of his 3 laws.

    1. L.S.M Kabweza

      The C in “Arthur C. Clarke” is for Charles

  27. Jimminy Cricket

    We will also discover diesel gushing from rocks in Zimbabwe. All we need is belief…

  28. melo

    Anyone with little education will know this guy is smoking something strong…..all I need is proof that what this guy has. Is different from what we. Already have on the market…surly we all know nothing runs on nothing…

  29. Ebenezer

    i believe Maxwell Chikumbutso is gifted because the bible say gifts and callings are without repentance. Einstein was drop out from school but yet he invented the atomic bomb. In his discussion he talked of mass to light relativity i.e a body can change from mass into light or from light into mass. What he needs is a team of support ,with guts to go through expriementation and constant repetition of the idea.Check in history that all successful man that change the course of this world were resisted ,ridiculed but eventually they proved their point. That it can be done. In Japan scientist are not allowed to say it can’t be done. They believe all things are possible .

  30. Anonymous

    The reason why Africa is progressing its because we love and enjoy criticizing our own invention.We are always too quick to criticize. That’s a wrong mindset and we need to change that.We have to encourage our own people to invent new technology for us to compete with the world.Just because the gentlemen mentioned that God gave him the blueprint for his invention does not mean that he is fool.God is bigger than your brain.

  31. Vincent

    The reason why Africa is progressing its because we love and enjoy criticizing our own invention.We are always too quick to criticize. That’s a wrong mindset and we need to change that.We have to encourage our own people to invent new technology for us to compete with the world.Just because the gentlemen mentioned that God gave him the blueprint for his invention does not mean that he is fool.God is bigger than your brain.

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