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Frustration for Econet subscribers as network fails to connect voice calls


If you have been trying to make voice calls from an Econet number and can’t get through, it’s not just your phone. The whole network appears to be facing challenges with connecting subscribers for voice calls.

This problem appears to have affected the entire network for more than an hour so far, and even though Econet hasn’t communicated this, some subscribers have started voicing concerns on its Facebook page. This is a major setback for voice communication, considering the fact that Econet has the highest subscriber base in the country.

We haven’t yet received any official comment from Econet on what sort of challenges they are facing or how long this will last, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated on any changes.

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10 thoughts on “Frustration for Econet subscribers as network fails to connect voice calls

  1. Econet should face penalties for this, surely their license includes minimum required service levels to operate. Think of all the business being lost, emergencies going unattended etc. People could literally die due to this outage.

    Sure you can say well the customer is free to choose another network but we did not know this would happen and there is a basic expectation of service which comes with being a licensed entity.

  2. So many times l have called to an Econet number it gets answered somewhere else.

    What intrigue me is that we have a Ministry, drawing without failure salaries from struggling gvt.

    Under the ministry there is a organisation potraz which is also drawing huge salaries from parent ie gvt.

    The interesting thing about all this is that both ICT Ministry and Potraz are not proactive, they are reactive. If people make enough noise they will jump in to ride the popular wave.

    Econet, and any other ISPs needs to be heavily penalised for such acts, but again who is going to do it.

    Potraz is a political organisation l cannot count on them to do anything which does not have a polical motive or or prop up someone’s polical standing to bosses high up the office.

    1. Network outages are very common world wide thats why you see every ISP makes it clear that they always try to reach 5 nines uptime ie 99.999%

      We never reach anything above 90% uptime because of different reasons, some very valid ones.

      I guess as we speak Potraz stuff are trying to ring their bosses who are on Econet to try to find out what to say, but they cannot reach them because network is down.

  3. I am one of you guys, Tried, to phone, tried to browse tried to text.
    Everything failed.
    However better they quickly solved the problem, than those other network providers whom take ages to solve simple network problems.


    1. I support EW but on this one they need to be fined heavily, not only them but any SP whose network goes down without prior notice.

      1. Prior notice? Just as the bus driver gives prior notice to passengers that a wheel is about to burst? Why does everyone assume this was a planned disruption? What does “network failing” even mean?

  4. MTN network went down in Johannesburg today for about an hour…very frustrating. I was going for a meeting and I was relying on Google Maps…..

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