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Cheaper VSAT in Zim, YoStore, energy alternatives & Econet vs POTRAZ – Podcast

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The way Econet and Liquid Telecom walked out of the final deliberations on Infrastructure Sharing which were being organised by POTRAZ has left people wondering if the operator wants to make a statement or show its frustration with the options being agreed on. This is one topic discussed in this episode of the podcast.

Other topics touched on include YoStore, YoAfrica’s new online retailing platform, the cheaper VSAT options that have been relaunched by iWayAfrica following the revision of VSAT fees, and the alternative energy solutions that have been exhibited at this year’s edition of the Harare Agricultural Show.

As always, we look forward to your comments on these topics. How should the Econet and POTRAZ issue be handled? What are your thoughts on the YoStore? And will you be getting a VSAT solution for a remote area that you think would want the internet?

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2 thoughts on “Cheaper VSAT in Zim, YoStore, energy alternatives & Econet vs POTRAZ – Podcast

  1. That’ll be a relief for me in a remote area. I have keen interest in installing VSAT system but the monthly fees is prohibitive. If they revise down the fees for real I’ll be at their doorstep…

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