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Keen for a job in the Zimbabwean army’s tech department? This could be your opportunity

A member of our WhatsApp groups just sent this out. Apparently the army is looking for techies to join their technology specialists, so if you have the qualifications, and getting a job is your thing you’d consider… here it is below.

And no, please don’t ask us any questions about how to apply and so forth, we have no detail – we’re just passing this on just in case you’re interested or know someone who may be.


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17 thoughts on “Keen for a job in the Zimbabwean army’s tech department? This could be your opportunity

  1. HND (Honors National Degree). kkkkkkkkk Higher National Diploma. ahhh some people are very dull.

  2. Does this mean that graduates form private universities eg.Solusi. Catholic, Africa University are not allowed or these universities are only accepted coz they are internationally recognised

  3. THIS is good but only if the cntract is a normal 5 years. Cz an it degree plus military especially active battlefront experience opens many doors

  4. I think only tech people should handle recruitment and hiring of tech people. I mean those conditions don’t realy work –specifically if those jobs have anything to do with things like programming…good programmers are selected on basis of being good programmers not having a Nust degree . I have worked with lots of really good programmers who don’t have Nust degrees – (no degrees at all,not even ZOU one), just as I worked with ones with these degrees who were actually not as good.

    1. What makes you sure the recruitment isn’t being handled by tech guys? Yes, you are right, a programmer shouldn’t be hired on the basis of having a fancy degree, but c’mon, a person with a degree is versatile, they are easy to teach new skills, you can move them from SysAdmin to Networking e.t.c I don’t think at this time they are looking for programmers, probably service desk guys, lastly, what makes you a good judge of programming talent, for all we know you have been in cowboy environments all along.

  5. Army is struggling to pay its current employs what is the guarantee that you will get paid.

    Unless one wants to work for charity, who in the IT field would want to work for zim army which is struggling to keep itself afloat!

    If l didnt have family to feed l would hav offered my services for free.

    1. Actually, there has never been a time when military employees failed to get their salaries. I think it’s something good they are doing considering the high unemployment rate. The only sad thing is they are not recruiting from some state universities.

      1. Ummmmm, l talk from experience having close relatives in the army. They are having pay dates randomly moved which to me is equal to no pay

        1. Having pay dates moved is true, at times the gvt postpones pay dates when it struggles to get funds. This sometimes happens to teachers, the police e.t.c in general the whole civil service, but has there been a month when they did not get paid, NO.

  6. Iam only going to join this to leak their cables like my role model Edward snowden. This project is irrelevant in Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe is not counted on world cyber wars. if so will they fight with Chinese or uk project smurf, or usa project prism. Iasijiki

  7. they made a big mistake buy leaving out other universities , there are a lot of innovative and talented people out there or maybe they are scared that those from private universities may compromise their security hahahaha

  8. I am looking for a job as a ZNA I like that job too much please my name is EPHERT MASUNGAIMBA know I am I RSA please join me I have 21yers old

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