Econet to hire over 200 people for new service, Kwesé TV

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The Econet Wireless group has recruited people from all over the world for its soon to be launched pay -TV service, Kwesé TV and is in the market for even more talent.

According to a statement released by Econet, the hiring process is still in progress and more than 200 people are expected to join the company over the next six months for the pay tv service.  Kwesé TV will be operated out of offices in Johannesburg, South Africa and Dubai. 

News of the launch of Kwesé TV was announced recently when Strive Masiyiwa, the founder and Chairman of Econet Wireless shared the information on his Facebook page.

Kwesé TV is set to operate as a subscription-based Video on Demand service and will be made available through the internet which Econet is set to provide through its own telecoms infrastructure.  Liquid Telecom, the telecoms carrier that is part of the Econet Group has also been working on a pay TV service called ipidi which is set to use Liquid Telecom’s vast cross-continent fibre infrastructure.

Through Kwese TV, expectations have been raised by the plans announced to offer a variety of acquired and developed content that also includes sports and general entertainment. The huge focus on sports was accentuated by the launch of Kwesé Sports which is an online platform providing sports content in the form of news and some international football.

The general sentiment is that Kwesé TV will provide competition for MultiChoice’s DStv which is Africa’s largest pay-tv service which has largely operated as a virtual monopoly in pay tv services for Africa.


  1. Vinni

    Please highlight the fact that Kwese is plagiarising Soccer24 content. Econet is like any bad monopoly taking advantage of the small guy through greater marketing/brand/legal power.

    1. Optimus Prime

      You have proof of this plagiarism? Surely it wouldn’t be too hard to provide links to this alleged theft of content.

  2. jobless

    So they hiring in SA and Dubai? So just externalising Zimbabwean money and jobs, why cant they operate from here are we not good enough?

    1. macd chip

      Which Zim money are you talking about? Gvt is not a shareholder in Econet.
      Its the Chinese money they are using if you have not been following news and Zimbabwe is getting the lion share of that money.

    2. huhh???

      nah they are regulations that make it easier to operate from sa and probarly some overheads are cheaper in those countries. plus they have little oversight from government over programing censorship

    3. Tendekayi.TR

      The very reason why Econet Wireless International is headquartered in South Africa and not in Zimbabwe, is the same reason why Kwese TV will be hiring in SA and Dubai. If you were Strive and you had to fight a legal battle for 5 years with corrupt individuals blocking you for selfish interests, would you seriously want to innovate in such a country? I don’t blame the guy. Look at Zimbabweans all over the world, very successful, but Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe…? I think we need to make our environment conducive for INVESTMENT, so that people with money feel secure about investing in Zim.

    4. Liberal Thinker

      Hire what in Zim? Thieves? Zero professionalism in this country and before you know it, some one will be offering to get you connected for his own back hander fee lol. Useless

    5. Fedza

      operate in zim and be looted again? whats wrong with your thinking?
      How do you externailise funds when you are setting up an international company? All these countries will be earning their revenue and looking after their expenses

    6. K Mutanho

      Just a reminder to you pal …. ” Econet is headquartered in Southafrica and its now a South AFRICAN Multinational company….” Google and you shall realize its not Zimbabwean. Perhaps Zimbabwe failed to provide the right environment to enable creation of Jobs in Zim. Lets not blame others for our own failures…

  3. Bug

    Vinni dont just hate, have been on both sites and havent seen what you are referring to, also note that all online magazines copy info from others, one article you can see it on multiple site, with a note identifying ‘source’

    1. L.S.M Kabweza

      Why do you think a note identifying source is enough. How does original content get produced then if everyone copies from everyone. And how does that producer of original content get paid if “all online magazines copy info from others”?

  4. macd chip

    Just curious on why opening offices in Dubai

    1. Siege

      Well, Dubai is a great city in which to conduct business. They allow for 100% foreign ownership without hustles, you can register, get bank accounts opened and clearances within 3 days! Checkout major tech and media companies are opening in Dubai…I know the next CSI games by Ubisoft is going to be done from their new Dubai office, for example 🙂

      1. macd chip

        Not really what the UAE embassy is saying:

        Ownership regulations: Under the law, all companies established in the UAE must have 51% ownership by UAE nationals or a company wholly owned by UAE nationals, except in the following cases:

        Monday, December 07, 2015 | UAE Local Time:18:37:34

        But l agree, reading through the pages and a bit of google, no personal tax, NO TAX whatsoever makes me want to move there!

        1. Siege

          Not all companies…only if your going into reserved sectors will you be required to have 51% held by loclas. In media, IT, professional services etc you can have 100% foreign owned. Ubisoft is 100% foreign owned but have set up independent office in Dubai, and also a lot of real estate professionals from Europe are opening their own businesses there without needing 51% local partnership. 🙂

  5. Munya Bloggo

    @Vinni which content was plagiarized. I think you need to flag that asap.

  6. job

    Any idea on how one can apply for these jobs?

  7. rex

    @Job econet knows people who deliver, or who they want. if you are good enough for “them” they will take you from where ever you are

  8. Basil

    Streamed entertainment still at its infancy in Zim and therefore Kwese will not make a dent on DSTV’s operations. Vast majority of Zimbos using decoders. Unless Kwese takes this route, I’m sorry to say it won’t be sustainable

    1. Unendos

      @ Basil this is Strive we are talking about.not some half baked Entrepreneur

  9. Maverick

    Vanhu vanotarisira Strive mugirazi handiti, zvino haasati atanga, he has more ideas in his bag that he will execute in your eyes. Kuti zvityise!

  10. tatenda

    totenda dzanwa dzaswera ne benzi,cz multchoice yatikwadza

  11. Tebza

    let South Africa Benefit from this, tackling the High unemployment rate. Government taxin and not last but the list South Africa and Dubai are the best places to operate a Media Company because of its regulators, the bill of charter favours the Media industry to operate freely with no Terms and Conditions. etc eNCA ( South Africa ) Al Jazeer ( UAE, Dubai ).

  12. Sboe

    Hey im Sboe I really need to be part of Kwese company I know how to market Customers please give me a chance my contract 0603528076

  13. Lot Rusere

    My name is Lot I really need to be part of the kwese tv group my contract 263718627550
    give me chance I am good at installing.

  14. Bryan Tshabalala

    hi my name is Bryan Tshabalala,i have worked at the SABC as camera person /video editor and ingest operator. I would like to be a part of your company. I really need change in my life and something permanent.

  15. helary museta

    i would like to be part of kwese TV ..t would be a dream come true to be part of it

  16. omary nyanje

    Use your niche effectively on areas like creating awareness to All the African content through special campaigns for grabbing attention since you’re already know the chaos of DSTV . make Africa digital

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