Econet’s Kwesé TV to launch by August 2016, set to square up against MultiChoice’s DStv

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Kwesé TV, the internet TV service owned by Econet and targetted at Sub-Saharan Africa will be going live before the start of the 2016-2017 English Premier League season which kicks off in August this year.

This information was shared by Econet Wireless in a statement it released regarding the rights it recently acquired to stream English Premier League football matches.

Econet hasn’t given any other date more specific than that, but a four-month timeline helps brings the launch into focus, particularly for people who are looking for a pay TV alternative.

It’s also a significant contrast to the yet to be announced date for a continent-wide launch of Econet’s other pay TV service ipidi TV. Though ipidi has launched in Kenya and Zambia, its still hasn’t made an entrance across the entire continent, even with the Video on Demand market experiencing an influx of other new operators like Showmax and Netflix.

Ever since Kwesé TV was announced in December last year, the service has attracted a lot of attention, with the recent news of free access to top flight English football for Sub-Saharan Africa drawing the most interest.

Though offering limited access to the very popular football league the deal has positioned Kwesé TV as a service provider with enough clout to take on existing Video on Demand services and most importantly as having a real shot at competing across the continent with the runaway market leader in African pay TV, MultiChoice’s DStv.

It’s clear that Kwesé TV won’t unseat the Multichoice’s SuperSport franchise and DStv from their dominant positions straight away. There are a lot of other dynamics that Kwese TV will have to wrestle with such as figuring out broadband solutions relating to content delivering and snapping up more content than just Saturday afternoon footie match.

However, TV fans who are excited about possible entertainment options courtesy of the internet have taken some comfort in the elaborate efforts that Econet has been making towards achieving that dream of pay TV competition. For them, it’s almost like a faith led investment into what will be done to break down a monopoly.

These efforts that have stoked such belief have so far included an extensive investment of resources, attracting media talent and securing the right sort of content like English soccer.

What’s only left is to find out by mid August 2016 if those efforts have paid off and whether or not Kwesé TV is ready to start a new season playing in a very competitive league.


  1. Llodza

    I’m wondering if our Zim networks can stream and the cost of streaming. I can’t stream Kwesé at the moment.

    1. Papa Legba

      Don’t worry about the bandwidth cost, Econet will zero rate this service. 🙂

      1. ic0n1c


  2. Ushe

    Nemabundles avo anodhura aya Dstv iri nani.

    1. Muzukuru

      Taura hako at least there are no extra hidden costs with DSTV. They are expensive but you know in advance how much you get to pay. Izvi zvemabundles izvi. Hee! vamwe vachachema kuti kwese yakapedza mabundles angu

    2. Papa Legba

      Don’t worry about the bandwidth cost, Econet will zero rate this service. 🙂

  3. Kamba

    Kwese TV I think its the way to go and will pose a serious challenge to Dstv which I know will reduce its price as a way of keeping its customers but eventually Strive Masiiwa will prevail .Lets be proud of our own people “Zimbabweans” who are at least putting our country on the map for good reasons.We need more people who have the brains and capacity to lift our face internationally.

    1. macd chip

      Cost of internet and speed is the deciding factor

    2. Tambirai

      your right brother man let’s support our company local is laka

  4. Chideme

    Where is there head office,is it here or somewhere else

    1. Anonymous

      I believe it is in South Africa.

  5. Tinashe

    Kwese is the way to go but the bandwidth is too unreliable and expensive to for this to be effective. At least we can watch later kick off games and the internet normally improves around that time.

  6. Ngwenya

    Take into consideration dat not all households own a computer n nt evry1 z a sports fan: kwese z internet based n considering the cost of internet n zim t wont work. As zmbos we love free things look hw many households own openview decorders. Goodluck econet

  7. Paul Adah

    Am so happy Joseph Hundah is back, I worked with him in Multichoice Nigeria Limited, he is very hardworking and dedicated to his work. Am happy he is back. Congratulations sir and I know you will give Multichoice a run for the African market

  8. Mr George Nyangani

    I have been watching the UEFA Champions league Barca vs Atletico on my LAPTOP it was good the entire game so it is happening sure I can not wait also to have a KWESE TV Decoder in my Lounge
    in Harare

  9. Chids

    We are waiting for you Kwese Tv with open hands. Pasi ne Dstv

  10. Mark Mafikiri

    This is a good news indeed…we are waiting for it to start its operations across Africa…

  11. Tapiwa

    Just waiting!!!!!

  12. Mekdem G.

    I think its a very interesting thing what econet is doing, I have to say that their are other big factors besides the internet cost and speed. from my experience contents realy matter which i put on no. 1 on my list of inquiry.
    Would like to get a contact address

  13. BlaMajor

    passionately waiting..

  14. Blessing Agofure

    Please can l get a contact person in Kwesi tv, l have a deal to discuss

  15. Blessing Agofure

    Please can l get a contact person, l have a deal to discuss

  16. Blessing Agofure

    Am waiting to get the contact person. Thanks

  17. Jacob

    Can you please lounge it in our Mather land Zimbabwe taneta kubhadhara dstv ichitirobha

  18. Tapiwa

    Still waiting

  19. Abbeysat

    Please how many premiership match it will be show every week ?

  20. kennedy

    i need to purchase it.

  21. Emmanuel Okata

    Pls how many EPL do you show in a week.

  22. Lovemore

    How can I subscribe here in South Africa… I am a basketball fan and NBA is my favorite.. I need it before the season starts in two days time.

  23. steve

    Kindly assist me with contact mail if possible.

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