RBZ issues stern warning against participating in Ponzi/Pyramid schemes, points finger at MMM Global Zimbabwe for misleading the public!

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The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe issued a public statement yesterday, 25 August, warning the public against participating and investing in Ponzi and Pyramid schemes.

According to the RBZ, Ponzi and Pyramid schemes tempt people into investing their money in lucrative investments and contribution systems with the promise of high returns.

The RBZ further explains that a Ponzi scheme attracts investors to invest money with a scheme operator in the belief that they have a genuine market to invest in.wait for their promised return on capital plus initial investment.

After investing, they are told all they have to do is wait for the promised profit plus initial investment.

A Pyramid scheme is slightly different in that participants of the scheme are made aware of the system of recruiting new members to earn more money, the newly recruited members also need to recruit new members to earn money, creating a system that allows the earliest members to maximise benefit from the growing membership.


Existing members get paid from money generated from new members buying into the scheme, until such a point the scheme can no longer sustain itself, as no money is actually being made in the “market” or from “investments”.

The RBZ has fingered MMM Global Zimbabwe as a major culprit of both fraudulent activities, creating a system that allows only the top members to benefit, leaving the rest exposed to the financial risks.

Additionally, the RBZ asserts that MMM Global Zimbabwe is not a registered or regulated entity in Zimbabwe.

Operating from a website and through “on the ground” recruiting agents, MMM Global Zimbabwe does not have an official physical or postal address, and nobody to take responsibility of ownership.

Through this statement, the RBZ has clearly stated that the scheme is not registered under any law and its activities are not regulated or supervised by any authority in Zimbabwe, thus removing responsibility and liability off their shoulders.

Investing in this scheme is at your own risk and if you lose your money, don’t expect any kind of legal grounds to build a case.

But, I am of the belief that as soon as the RBZ finds a way to stop MMM in its tracks, it will enforce whatever measures to do so.

This statement has reignited my interest and speculation of MMM Global Zimbabwe. I will soon cover  just what exactly MMM is in the coming days, its rise to popularity and just how it works.  how it got to this stage where a Reserve Bank warns the public

I will soon write what I think MMM really is, including its rise to popularity and just how it works in an economically depressed country.

It is interesting that a whole Reserve Bank has taken notice to it and has warned the public against participating in it.

Is it because MMM works out of the system  and the RBZ has failed to find ways to benefit from it? Or are they genuinely concerned with the risk people are putting themselves under?

Also, why is it that MMM South Africa is being investigated by the South African police in partnership with the feared task force the HAWKS and is reported to have collapsed?

Many MMM members come out in defence of this Ponzi/Pyramid hybrid scheme and call it a “Donation” system where people “help” each other, how true is that?

How did MMM utilize technology to gain popularity and run a well-orchestrated online system?

And lastly, what is its relationship to another highly speculative money scheme, BitCoin? End Game Strategy in fear of Bond Notes?

All these questions will lead my mini investigation of MMM, but for now, take heed to the warning, and stay clear of it, recently I heard of 3 MMM accounts being frozen. in their

In their defence of their system, the MMM members said the problem was just too many withdrawals in comparison to deposits, so the system needed to be “replenished” with new members.

You always know something is fishy when the participants can’t even explain what they are doing.







  1. Reggie

    This is a ponzi and the owner is a Russian serial ponzi scheme with previous convictions. mmm ran in South Africa and just recently collapsed. Just google mmm and one can get all the information! Then again its difficult to rob an honest person but the greedy will always fall for pyramid schemes kkkkkk

  2. Garikai Dzoma

    People should really not believe in things that sound too good to be true without doing their due diligence.

  3. zimsportech

    its ranked the 15th most popular website in the whole country, so if the population of internet users is in millions, how many hits do you they get to be 15th…… in my opinion the ministry itself should intervene, home affairs chaiyo , people are not greedy they are hungry !!!!!!!!

    1. Anonymous

      That is true, their website does receive heavy traffic and is ranked 15th, this may be a little economy in itself!

  4. Thando Nkala

    People be warned of these pyramid schemes. Remember some years back when they mushroomed in this country and many people lost a lot of their hard earned money. These schemes are satanic and stay far far away from them. Seek the wisdom of God before you can even tempt and He will surely give you direction.

    1. sbongile

      People believe in what works for them, with our poor country I also joined MMM (SA) and it worked for until the media interfered. People are poor, there’s no jobs so they take whatever that comes. MMM opened doors for many Ponzis in SA, but I wonder why they are not investigated or is it because they are South African.

  5. Seremani Warebwa

    I knew from the word go that it was a ponzi scheme but some people could not belive it

  6. Allaz

    Based on that picture, CAPITALISM ITSELF is one massive pyramid scheme!

  7. Mai kundi

    RBZ is another Ponzi scheme.In 2008 they printed tissue paper and we lost all our money.

  8. Chibaba cheMMM

    RBZ is another Ponzi scheme.In 2008 they printed tissue paper and we lost all our money.
    Now they are considering bond notes so that we lose our money again.
    They are the Chief Ponzi.
    We lost a lot bcs of RBZ they don’t care about us so why are they concerned bcs they are not part of it if it’s to loose we loose own our own and after all it’s our monies ??????

  9. Chibaba cheMMM

    Dont go publishing stories musina kuita research forst of all its not called MMM GLOBAL ZIMBABWE SAKA hapana nyaya. Iyo RBZ zvairi registered and has offices how billions have gone missing without trace, did we complain this is our opportunity to rise from poverty we in this country offers you 30% per month which bank nxa.
    Jus because you dont have a bite in our cherry you have no right to mislead people. In South Africa they failed to bring MMM down and its up and running. VIVA MMM VIVA

  10. MMM Pays!!!


  11. rue

    handitye, handivhunduke, and handikwate zvekumhanya viva mmm yandiraramisa

  12. MMM Pays!!!

    You can say that again!!! Just becuase they don’t benefit from it they want to publish nhema about MMM just like what happened in Russia before

  13. guider

    Mmm ndizvo musanyebere vanhu

    1. Stuart Muzariri

      You are all idiots, where does the 30% come from? You think that without selling any product you can get money for free??? No wonder thousands are willingly giving up money to prophets every week thinking they are buying their salvation such madness!!

      1. Lee

        @Stuart Muzariri no one assaulted you here. You have to ask nicely and get an understanding. Read about MMM here http://ea-mmm.net/ You will get everything to clear your mind. MMM gives interest to the participant whiles banks harvest interest from people. Banks dont have money but they take $20 from John and loan Peter $18 after withdrawal charges on 15% interest. If John demands his money back he is charges with bank charges and will not receive that $20 but $17. Moreso banks will wait for Peter to return the loan…. (NDOSAKA MABANK ACHITI HAANA MARI WOPIHWA $50)


        In MMM you will be told about the risks of being a member. I dont see the reason why RBZ has to say about risks. In fact they should be answering WHERE IS THE $15Bn???

        Else they(RBZ) should disclose that they are also a SCAM. Cancellation or Zeros, Printing of more notes made people loose their value in money. Even the registered banks under them close and run away with depositors’ monies. Here is a list of banks regulated by RBZ laws who run with people’s money http://www.dpcorp.co.zw/phone/update-on-closed-banks.html

        MMM is the best. We participart willingly. Thank you RBZ for advertising the MMM IDEOLOGY on MMM’s behalf.

        VIVA MMM!!!

      2. Fez

        The 30%comes from your pocket

      3. sbongile

        We don’t care as long we get paid. Maybe u also need to join it. There’s also 1 that pays 100% in 30 days. So join or die poor.

      4. sbongile

        Stuart Muzariri, join MMM or die poor. #Clever

      5. Grade7

        Idiots are driving nice cars iwe wakangwara shouting idiot uri mukombi.
        Fear yako is the reason why you are where you and kupusa kwako is the reason why you have accepted your current situation and dont have any dreams of being better than what you are now. Fortunately your fear is yours and some of us will make money whilst iwewe uchikwata and uchiverenga chapter after chapter on Pyramid schemes

  14. Major

    Fear not mmm participants this dogs thy fight us here at South Africa but the fail.teach your down lines not withdraw plzzzz us South Africa we back from restart together we can change the world from South Africa.

  15. The Black Technocrat

    Ok, this is what i know about MMM, first of all before digging dip into the ideology, its not an investment platform, its a platform for mutual financial aid, “they call them donations not investments”, “they encourage using spare money and before you make that donation you asked if understood the risks involved…SO YOU WILL BE DONATING AT YOUR OWN RISK. And here are the rules: you don’t GH (Thats Get Help: Go to stick to the terminology cause it’s crucial to those who don’t understand what itt is like our own RBZ.) with money that exceeds what you donated before plus the interest. The interest is to keep on encouraging each other to make donations. They further use the term PH(Provide Help:thats if you want to donate money. Again, pay attention to the terminology coz thats what makes it legal, if you try to twist what has been provided/system info, then you now creating your own system thats not MMM. By the way, Mavrodi the founder is not benefiting anything incase you thought hz on top of the pyramid, you need extra help if you think like that. Ok, here is how people are abusing the system, they’re calling the PHs INVESTMENTS of which they’r are DONATIONS, and when you DONATE you’re assumed you’d have understood the risks. By the way, the 3%/whatever % from and investment platform where does it come from? Will it be possible to issue out the money if all individuals where to claim their investments? People are surviving with this platform, it’s more like gambling/betting. I’m yet to see a warning from RBZ about betting sites and those that have flooded the cities. We in tough times, people are making a living out of these schemes, why seal those channels?

  16. Cilton

    RBZ $15b is not accountable for pple are suffering,what woul $15b do in Zim.So if u don’t understand how the public benefiting from MMM platform ask the participants simple question are you benefiting or loosing money?
    People are participating in e mutual aid fund atinoti maround on small scale ,the concept was developed which is non as MMM.Saying MMM is pyramid or Ponzi scheme it’s ignorance.
    Together as participants we are helping each other,it’s not a bank oo an investment so RBZ hands off,give us feedback on $15b missing from diamonds.
    Thank you.

  17. Ola dan

    Hi, am Guider OLA DAN, A 10K+ in MMM Nigeria on 15th and 16th of Sept 2016, i provided help of #100,000 each and 26th of Sept 2016 i provided another help of #500,000 total #700,000 and 13th of Oct 2016 i got help of #5,679,000 and the total money was paid into my bank account. God bless mmm Together we can change the world.contact morganharry23@gmail.com or WhatsApp +2348131278064

    1. Kate

      @Ola Dan, you guiders are the thieves. Most of you will die before your time, Especially chuddy your boss. (Karma) You’re manipulating the system to enrich yourselves but let participants suffer the loss.

      1. Kate

        @ Ola Dan, you provided help of 700,000 you got 5,679,000. If an ordinary Mmm participant provides help of same amount, the person gets 30% increase which is 210,000. That’s 910,000. You’re ripping off participants because you’re a guider? What’s the role of a guider? What are you guiding? You’re not guiding but stealing.

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