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NetOne invites TechZim on a LTE and mobile data speed test excercise around Harare

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NetOne’s network optimisation team has invited TechZim on an LTE data speed test tomorrow, Tuesday 20th September from 9am.

This follows our report on the state of mobile data speeds in Zimbabwe concerning the three Mobile Network Operators (NetOne, Telecel and Econet).

The results of the initial tests were shocking with all three operators failing to produce consistent results and achieve expected 3G and LTE speeds.

Of some concern was our failure to achieve/”catch” NetOnes LTE band throughout our tests. So NetOne has taken the bold step to set the record straight and invited us to conduct a speed test with them tomorrow.

So far, NetOne is the only MNO to have given us some form of feedback from our findings.

The speed test will follow the same route we took in our first speed test exercise that is Greencroft, Harare Main Post Office (City Centre), Kopje Plaza (Net One Building), Kuwadzana 4, Warren Park shops and by our offices in Marlborough.

Please note we will only be testing NetOne tomorrow, we will conduct a separate speed test comparison in at new locations across all networks soon.

We would also like to acknowledge everyone who has sent in their speed test results. Kindly continue to do so as it is making a difference to our understanding of the state of mobile internet in Zimbabwe.

Please follow the guidelines listed on our speed test page if you want to participate in this exercise.

We will update you on our findings as soon as the test is completed!



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5 thoughts on “NetOne invites TechZim on a LTE and mobile data speed test excercise around Harare

  1. Apart from all this, I think you should also, if possible test their social media data speeds, what I’ve found is that you might get 3Mb/s using the $1 for 17Mb data package, but when you try to send a photos or videos on WhatsApp it may take quite some time, at first I thought the problem was on WhatsApp’s side, but when I tried using Econet’s WhatsApp bundles, it took way less time to send a video, which means NetOne might be throttling data speeds for their WhatsApp bundles. This isn’t just a WhatsApp thing, even their facebook bundles are really slow compared to Econet’s, so I suggest you should look into this as well.

    1. agree with your comment only that iam facing same problem with can download a 80mb video in seconds on 4g but it will take minutes and retries to send or download a 5mb video on whatsapp

  2. Its called tiered pricing which gives more priority to those who pay more. ie. if you buy expensive bundles you are paying more so u get more priority. if you buy cheaper bundles then u get slower data rate. Well basically in other instances when the network is congested, those who use more data, eg streaming and downloads are charged more in order to promote equal sharing of network resources. Its a business decision……that’s my view

  3. i agree with ZidyaVanu Mugomo, i am using Netone onefusion bundle, after my main data finishes the H+ network sign disappears from my network bars but i still be having my whatsapp and facebook bundle . i have come to believe that they are giving less speed to whatsapp and facebook bundle users

  4. Speedtests are really guidelines, the rest depends on several other factors which to be honest have nothing to do with Service providers! If you think I am lying then use different speedtests platform and you will be shocked!

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