Econet apologises to its subscribers, offers to reimburse data for those overcharged

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Econet Wireless has issued a public statement defending its position in the issue surrounding the massive data tariff increases which were eventually reversed.

Under the new tariffs, subscribers were expected to pay as much as $1 for 10 MB, which was a huge adjustment from packages like the $1 for 250 MB daily bundle option which had been scrapped.

Econet did not specify how the data reimbursements would be worked out.


Though its statement leans heavily on a gloves-off confrontation with the Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira, it also carries Econet’s apology to its subscribers along with an offer for data compensation for all those overcharged by the reversed tariffs. It reads,

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused to our customers and we shall credit the data accounts of our customers with additional data to the amount of the excessive charges that we levied.

The data reimbursement and the apology ought offer some form of consolation to the numerous subscribers that lashed out at Econet as well as POTRAZ, the telecoms regulator, for the tariff increase.

NOW READ: Econet Full Statement On The Issue

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11 thoughts on “Econet apologises to its subscribers, offers to reimburse data for those overcharged

  1. Why all this keeps sounding familiar operational operandi from Zanu PF!
    Sounds like the Minister is trying to replay another Mutumwa Mawere on Strive Masiiwa.

    We also saw the same tactic played by Gono on private banks and bankers all to feed the well connected to strip assets and buy them cheap like Obert Obidient Son Mpofu, Kasukuwere etc getting into banking with no idea how to run a bank.

    For how long is Zimbabwe goin to fall into the same pit

  2. Government involvement or not, let’s analyse the apparent facts:
    1. MNOs approached POTRAZ regarding protectionist pricing policies after “social media” stripped their main revenue streams (voice and text).
    2. POTRAZ told them develop a plan and we discuss. Out of those plans came floor-pricing and OTT premiums.
    3. POTRAZ analysed final submissions on floor prices and issued directive in line with the submissions.
    4. Econet was the first to comply (visibly also as pusher of the program).
    5. Other adopted standard “wait and see until regulator issues threats”, under the guise of engaging the regulator as well as developing repriced products.
    6. Public Outcry – Econet laid blame squarely and solely at the feet of POTRAZ.
    7. Memo leaks that Econet actually proposed a higher data tariff.
    8. Suspension of directive and revert back to previous products, promotions and prices.
    And you want to defend Econet in all this and cry “Set-Up”?

    1. You didn’t read the full Econet statement, did you? The link is right there, in bold, underneath this article.

    2. How do you come up with number 4, secondly isn’t going against a regulator an offence which am correct can be penalised?

    3. Exactly! But some people will not want to place the blame where it belongs. Econet are only thinking about how this will affect their bottomline. Lucky for them, they have gullible people who will defend them even though 48 hours ago they were about to be fleeced…!

  3. Thats poor reporting techzim you did not read th Econet press statement hant u are here to turnish their image as well munongodzura zvamunoda thts not good put the press statement vanhu vazvionere u wil soon loose yr credibility poor poor poor

    1. The press statement is here wani. Surprised you would try to question techzim credibility when were it not for them the truth would have never come out!

  4. Haha. Econet are slowly being revealed for what they are.

    Why are they trying to blame Portraz for a scheme they instigated and which they abused by increasing prices to 5 times the set floor limit. They need to explain their communique to customers titled “Econet Feels Your Pain”.

  5. I bought 80Mb dze3bucks and i was given an extra compensation ye11Mb but people who bought 30Mb dze$1 got 43Mb reimbursement.
    Econet inombozvifambisa sei exactly?

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