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Econet says it reversed the tariffs on its own, calls Supa Mandiwanzira a liar

Supa Mandiwanzira

Supa Mandiwanzira

In the latest development regarding the recently suspended mobile data tariff increases, Econet Wireless has published a statement on its Facebook page defending its actions, pointing out how it reversed the data tariffs increase on its own and accusing Supa Mandiwanzira, Zimbabwe’s Minister of ICT, of duplicity and misleading actions aimed at discrediting the mobile operator.

In its statement, Econet Wireless says that its board gave the directive to reverse the data tariff increases on the 12th of January 2017. Part of the statement reads,

On 12 January 2017, when it became clear that an exercise that was driven by the Regulator with the full knowledge and participation of The Minister and that we thought would contribute towards leveling the playing field was in fact a farce and a setup intended by the Minister and our competitors who are under the Minister’s control to portray the new Director General of POTRAZ in a bad light and to portray Econet as a gluttonous and insensitive to the public our Board directed us to reverse the data tariff increases. We wrote and delivered a letter to POTRAZ on 12 January 2017 in which we indicated that we would revert to our old tariffs if the regulator did not ensure that all the operators complied with its regulatory notice by end of day 12 January 2017.

The statement goes on to state that Supa Mandiwanzira’s statement issued on the 12th of January 2017 claiming that he had reversed the tariffs was false. Econet has accused Mandiwanzira of duplicity and reversing the gains made in telecoms ever since his appointment.

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9 thoughts on “Econet says it reversed the tariffs on its own, calls Supa Mandiwanzira a liar

  1. Its clear Econet is under serious attach from The minister, from competitors, from the public, from POTRAZ. Is zanu pf trying to get to Masiiwa? Why are they trying to destroy such a marvel of rare success in zimbabwe? The past two days have shown that clearly the two econet competitors are colluding with Mandiwanzira and potraz to inflic maximum damage to econet operations. And Econet on its part goes well over the top in increasing prices more than 2000%. that was a bit gready on their part no matter how they try explaining that

    1. The only reason econet is under this so called “attack” is because they were found out by the leaked document. Before this, they were happy to sit back and let the public blame potraz et al. NOW that the real goings on have been discovered, they are now the sudden “victims”–

  2. @Jamil, I don’t have much knowledge about conspiracy theories, but I agree with you that 2000% (hope that is the right figure) was driven by greed. It is this kind of behaviour that leaves people unable to believe that such a organisation has the capacity to put customers’ a first. They will be viewed as a group that will only stop when they see that they are killing the goose that lays the eggs.

  3. Read the full statement on Econet Facebook page you people before you comment. Econet is th only operator that paid a punitive licence renewal fee of $137.5 million and is the only operator that os owed millions of dollars by the state controlled NetOne and Telecel in interconnection charges. This is the background you must understand first inorder to understand why Econet’s pricing structures are higher than its government owned competitors. I encourage you to read the full statement. This is a well-planned deal to harm Econet’s image before the eyes of its customers. This strategy was also intended to portray the minister as a hero, an overnight self-made “hero” by falsehoods and duplicity.

  4. I concur with you Sheplon,Its very sad that our dear Econet is now being dragged inthe mud and being treated as a James Bond movie VILLAIN for being honest and also following Potraz directives.If Econet was wrong why have we not yet heard the statements like we are going to revoke its licence or we are going to fine them this is all politics at play.Lets open our eyes-Blue Racker Out and sticking to the cause.

    1. “Our dear econet” -that’s why they find it so easy to rob subscribers blind, cause some of us are so gullible. Econet have been extremely duplicitous in their dealings and they are only now reacting cause they have been found out via the leaked documents.

  5. I really feel for Econet. It was a setup which they could have avoided were they not that greedy!

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