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Econet issues a statement on higher data prices – “We feel your pain”

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Econet Wireless, the local mobile network operator that has been the first and so far only operator to adjust mobile broadband prices in line with the regulator’s directive has issued a statement on the issue.

In a press release signed by CEO Douglas Mboweni, Econet says it is taking people’s feedback on the issue seriously and it will continue engaging with the regulator on the issue.

There was a huge outcry from subscribers who are now faced with higher tariffs on data bundles which now cost $1 for 10 MB from the previous $1 for 250 MB. A copy of the statement can be found below.

Dear Valued Customers,

Econet acknowledges that our recent implementation of the new floor pricing for data which was done in compliance with the directive that was issued to all mobile network operators by the industry Regulator (POTRAZ) has not only inconvenienced you our valued Customers but has caused you pain.

We have read and listened to the feedback that you have shared with us in respect to this action. We assure you that we take this feedback with the seriousness that it deserves and we are engaging the Regulator on the matter. Our goal continues to seek to consistently provide you with convenience, choice and value for money. However, we believe and trust that you are aware that Econet operates in a regulated industry and as the industry leader we are obligated to comply with the directives which are issued to us by the Regulator from time to time and this directive is one such instance.

Having said this, we would like to advise you that we will continue engaging the Regulator on the impact this has had on you, our valued Customers so that we can continue to provide you with the highest quality services which will transform your lives.

We are committed to providing you with quality service!

Douglas Mboweni Chief Executive Officer


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15 thoughts on “Econet issues a statement on higher data prices – “We feel your pain”

    1. Why not just put the old bundles back to how they were…like $1 = 250mb daily nd put the whatsapp and facebook monthly, weekly and daily bundles back to their orignal prices…

  1. So the MNOs really thought subscribers were going to take this one with no resistance ?. People are already struggling and right in the middle of “January disease”, expect some blowback

  2. Im starting to suspect that econet was made a guinea pig in a very unpopular experiment. I mean if they did not implement, im sure Supa would not hesitate to fine them. They dont Enjoy the type of protection that Net one and Telecel might have. I also doubt that all the bright minds at econet could not see the income elasticity of demand in Zimbabwe and foresee a drop in revenue.

    1. POTRAZ directive is that the minimum cost for 1MB is $0.02…Econet then decides to charge $0.1 per MB…how then is POTRAZ responsible for Econets crazy price?????

    2. They more like leapt onto the opportunity with maybe the hope that the drop in consumption will be offset by the increase in unit prices. With such high prices they will then give us stupid promotions acting like they have us in their interests since they have already gone way above the floor prices. Hanzi zimbos vane mari chaizvo! I have officially lost all respect for Econet Wireless, they are no better than Zanu PF

  3. They do not feel our pain at all. Netone does. as we speak, i personally have migrated to Netone. Their compliance to the regulator will cost them big time. #DataMustFall

  4. We all know Econet took POTRAZ to court after they reduced the traffics, and they were the 1st to implement “POTRAZ directive ” to hike the tariffs! We are not fools, crocodile tears all over!

  5. Do not forget Econet is a Christian run company people, so they do feel your pain, Strive Masiiwa will be praying for you all for your pain

  6. South African mobile data prices compared
    Mobile Data Prices
    Package Vodacom MTN
    500MB R45 R39
    1GB R75 R79
    2GB R109 R99
    look at those SA rates

  7. I’ve quit buying data from Econet. Exploitation to the max. Instead of spending 20usd I now spend 0 usd per month.

  8. econet wireless will suffer from their mistakes and wen the tym they realise it ,only 2 subscribers will be left

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