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Here are Econet Wireless Zimbabwe’s new prices for data, WhatsApp & Facebook bundles

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Techzim has established that Econet Wireless Zimbabwe is the first mobile network operator to put into effect the new floor prices for mobile data as specified by the telecoms regulator, POTRAZ.

These tariffs, effective from the 11th of January 2017 have effectively raised the cost of internet in Zimbabwe. They also mean some changes to WhatsApp and Facebook bundles, the two most popular broadband packages for local mobile network operators which have also gone up in price.

NetOne and Telecel are also set to raise their tariffs to match the same prices set by POTRAZ, it’s just that Econet was the first to make the changes.

Here’s the complete list of new tariffs as established by Techzim for standard data bundles as well as WhatsApp and Facebook bundles in the table below.

PackageData AllocationBonus Allocation(can only be accessed on Econet's WiFi hotspots)
Regular Data Bundles
50 cents5 MB5 MB
$110 MB10 MB
$350 MB50 MB
$5125 MB125 MB
$10300 MB300 MB
$20 750 MB750 MB
$351.5 GB1.5 GB
$50 2.5 GB2.5 GB
Social Media Bundles (Facebook & WhatsApp combined)
50 cents10 MB10 MB
$130 MB30 MB
$2.5080 MB80 MB
$5170 MB170 MB
$7.50300 MB300 MB
$10450 MB450 MB
$12600 MB600 MB


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33 thoughts on “Here are Econet Wireless Zimbabwe’s new prices for data, WhatsApp & Facebook bundles

  1. We raised a movement as citizens raised a #DataMustFall movement and Potraz responded by telling users they can go hang.

  2. These guys must be joking. $1 for 30mb for combined WhatsApp/Facebook
    My camera’s average image size is 6MB so I can only send 4-5 photos of FB and WhatsApp… Ya neh. Life sucks.

  3. This is a ripoff just plain day light robbery I think all Econet users should stop using social media bundles with immediate effect we should do a nation wide boycot of network subcribers till prices are fair to the consumer

    1. ko maelections ka akusvika aya,,, maStrategy epolitics aya. Why ddnt they do it all along. Kuti vabanne internet hazviite so maprice ndoanongokwidzwa zvovharana zvakadaro

      Unovhunza ani

    2. I agree that POTRAZ needs to be brought to book! Are they not supposed to also serve the interests of the citizens? It is clear POTRAZ doesn’t want the average Zimbabwean to have access to internet.

  4. I think this is a deliberate move by potraz to ensure zimbabweans stay away from social media as they believe it was being abused to spread political news that are anti gvt.

  5. Its not fair tarriff even if we compare with other southern African countries ummmm Potraz revise your tariffs please. Econet also umm makutibira dzidzaiwo kubva kunana MTN, Voda apa manyanya.

  6. The moment we say no to bundles thats their ultimate goal. Havasi kuda kuti tiende painternet coz evrything was now being done thru social media (even anti gvt campaigns)

    Maprice acho kkk hakuna nyika yakadai

  7. I don’t know if I’m missing something but when I was in Zim I was using Econet and they had a 250MB bundle valid for a day for $1. It met all my day to day social networking & email needs. It seemed like a good deal. It means for the week I used over 1gig of data for about R100.

    But I wasn’t doing anything too fancy & I was on holiday.

  8. The fun part of it ndezvekut minister aiti zvekushare infrastructure zvichaita matarrifs adzike asi nw eish zvikutokwira bt hazvishamise cox our gvnt nver cared fr people .chet zanu pf inoindicater kuleft vachitena kuryt

  9. Viva free wifi hotspots VIVA (What ever happened to VIVA mobile?). This will be good for Zol and Telone as people might move to just using fixed internet connections and be offline in between commutes.

    Potraz might actually think they are being clever but this will bite them later and I only see Econet benefiting again through profits and the uptake of ZOL services, maybe Telone will also benefit if they handle the new subscriptions which I know right now they cannot.

    1. Hi, Please watch this space closely, we will update as soon as possible on what options you will have with Viva Mobile. Regards

  10. Zanu PF charges nothing more here its all just a political gimmick to limit the Online movement they are trying by all means toshut out us down so that they can steal and fhrther distruct our country at the expence of our silence

  11. Adsl Telone is the Best, i know the disadvantage is that it is fixed at home but worth it. Call Telone today.

  12. I dont understand, why is Econet the only one who has had to increase their data prices? As an Econet subscriber this isn’t fair! Netone and Telecel need to comply as well. I could move to Netone but I hear their internet speeds are non existent. I like my 4G but its not fair we are the only customers to suffer – POTRAZ please enforce your regulations across the networks!

  13. Nhai imi, maths dzangu dzinenge dziri kuramba apa. Shouldn’t I be getting 25mb for my 50c at the new rate? And why is the data being split between mobile and WiFI? What if I don’t have access to Econet’s hotspots? Econet should give me the option to purchase either mobile or WiFi bundles. Thieves!! POTRAZ get your act together and sort this sh*t out mheni!!!

  14. It is now cheaper to get an ET and go show the person you are sending the video to than to buy data #mtshova movement $0.50 going and $0.5 coming back lol

  15. I was trying to go through the justification by potraz i got confused when he talked of the problem with the small volume of data Zimbabwe population uses, Now my question is Hiking the price wont that even reduce more the bandwidth making us pay more for less? Because usage and access will be reduced.

  16. Econet is the worst…lost too much money to these guyz,poor customer service ever,went for more than an hour on hold…they must know pipo are angry about all this new tariff nonsense…#totally disappointed

  17. Did I miss anything. The Potraz directive indicate a floor charge of $0.02 per Megabyte of data, which translate to 50MB for $1, 250MB for $5 or 500MB for $10, becore accounting for scale (price per unit declining as volume increases)

    Just look like Econet are simply overcharging and then give us Hyena or crocodile tears by charging $1 for 10MB, and $10 for 300MB. This is a total rip off. If they want to increase their prices, they should not hide behind Potraz

  18. Has anyone figured out that Econet even uses an inverse scale pricing. The more you buy the more you get charged. You are penalised for loyalty or you are penalised for being a better customer….LOL, KKKK. The per megabyte price increases as you buy bigger data bundles. For a sane service provider, it should actually be the reverse. A 10MB bundle cost you $0.1 per megabyte, A 125MB cost you $0.25 per megabyte while a 2.5GB will rise to $0.5 per megabyte……….Yhoooo

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