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Experiencing poor service or disappearing airtime & data?- Here’s how to submit these complaints to POTRAZ

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We’ve all had that bad Zimbabwean telecoms experience before – a poor connection over a voice call, disappearing airtime and data or even delayed responses for requests made for assistance.

Instead of just complaining about this and other types of bad service on Twitter or venting in a private WhatsApp group the best thing is to actually forward a complaint to the operator or service provider. if this doesn’t get you anywhere, you should then take it to the telecoms regulator, POTRAZ.

They are mandated to actually resolve such issues and ensure that your rights as a consumer are not violated by operators and service providers that might seem reluctant to give you fair service. This explains their role in Zimbabwe’s Quality of Service regulations plus the acquisition of software to enforce the regulations.

In line with doing this POTRAZ has its consumer complaints procedure which it shares with consumers that need to know how to submit their grievances.

You can get the full consumer complaints procedure together with some additional information on the POTRAZ website. We have also summarised the key steps you need to know about going through this process.

According to POTRAZ you should:

Lodge a Complaint With Your Service Provider

  • Visit / Call/ e-mail/write to your service provider to present your complaint stating all facts.
  • Follow up by writing or e-mailing if the initial response is not satisfactory
  • Be objective and do not exaggerate.
  • Attach relevant supporting documents.
  • In the event of prolonged delay, unsatisfactory or non-response, approach POTRAZ with the complaint.

All complaints from the consumers should be first dealt with by the affected operator. The Regulator is the last port of call.

Your service provider should ensure the following

  • It makes available to consumers their complaint handling procedure manuals at all customer service centres with the aim of resolving disputes in an effective and efficient manner.
  • It provides consumers with clear written and verbal complaint procedures.
  • Makes POTRAZ’s contact details available to its consumers notifying them that they may raise their complaint POTRAZ if their original complaint is not handled to their satisfaction
  • If possible have a free phone number for inquiries

If provider doesn’t resolve your issue, register a complaint with the regulator

  • Write or email the Regulator  (use attaching copies of previous correspondence.
  • State all facts.
  • Be objective and do not exaggerate.
  • Attach relevant supporting documents
  • Give the POTRAZ 7 working days to investigate and respond to your complaint.

POTRAZ will pick up the issue and try to get a satisfactory response for your issue. If the process is successful and the provider is at fault you will get a formal apology from the operator plus compensation where it is due.

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