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Udemy Courses reduced to $10 each again! Ends 26 May 2017…

Udemy $10 promotion, online courses

If you missed the promotion that took place early January to get people started on online courses, then here is an opportunity to get in on the fun.

Starting immediately if you visit Udemy, you’ll see that all you can enjoy any course for just $15. However, if you join through our referral link here, you can access the same courses at an even further reduced price of $10.

Basically, if you, or your school going child, are interested in exploring the world of online education one of the best platforms to do this on is Udemy, an online platform where educators can upload courses that they have expertise in and “sell access to them”.

There are thousands of courses, from programming for websites, mobile apps and even databases (if you interested in coding), to entreprenuership, to strategy.

Essentially, visiting the website and sifting through what they have to offer will better aide you in making a decision as to what courses to undergo in order to increase your knowledge in a particular skill.

Or, you could let me know in the comments what course you’re interested in and I’ll search for it and give you the link to which is the best one to sign up for.

Pro Tip: Look for courses that have a high rating (almost 5.0 stars and a larger than 100 ratings) as well as over 10,000 people having enrolled in the course before (this gives it some kind of validation).

Pro Tip 2: You can pay for these courses using your Ecocash VCN

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10 thoughts on “Udemy Courses reduced to $10 each again! Ends 26 May 2017…

  1. Is it possible that tech hubs could act as places people could work on such courses while a mentor/guide is on hand? Would something like that have value?

    1. Exactly, i have thought about that too, Definitely would have greater value.
      i could have done something like that if i had resources.

      1. One can imagine all sorts of ways to use tech hubs. The problem is paying for it.Tech hubs have already closed down in Harare due to lack of income. Since universities already exist and their facilities are already funded, could a tech hub be created there?

    2. Muzinda Hub is already using this model. They pay for TreeHouse subscriptions for their students

  2. Those who don’t have cash to buy the courses can just download on torrents sites like piratebay for free , all you need is a fast cheap internet connection like the three hour per dollar being offered by telone internet cafes. You can download up to 10gig within 3hrs especially on weekends when the internet is not that busy

    1. Thanks for the tips especially the one about 10gig within 3hrs, by the way do you mean telone internet cafes or hot-spots?

  3. Wow, it’s a great news. I would love to take these IT classes. Thanks for sharing this info…

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