Kwese TV now available at Econet shops in Zimbabwe. $49 for installation, decoder & first month subs (Update)

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Update: Econet has since suspended selling Kwese TV after the government announced that Kwese is operating illegally.

After weeks of speculation, Econet has finally announced the availability of the Kwese pay TV service at its shops in Zimbabwe.

In an announcement on social media the newspapers today, Econet said customers can now visit any of its shops around the country and pay $49 to get a decoder, free installation and the first month.

In terms of ongoing subscription prices, you probably know that Kwese, unlike Multichoice, essentially has a single bouquet. Your choice comes on subscribing either for a month, 7 days or just 3 days.

The monthly subscription, from what we gather, is $29. The 7-day subscription is $9 and the 3-day $5 (This is not confirmed however and we’ll confirm once we get the official word).

If you’re wondering what channels and content you’ll get on Kwese, you can check out the official website.


Here is how you can get Kwese in Zimbabwe right now (unofficially)

Kwese TV not licensed, says Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe

Zim Government’s ownership of Multichoice Zimbabwe and why it’s reluctant to license Kwese TV

Most of the Techzim readers have  been interested in the big question of EPL soccer channels. A Twitter user who says they visited an Econet shop today posted a picture of list of channels Kwese Zimbabwe has on offer and that list says “All EPL matches are screened”.

This is particularly interesting because all along it was generally believed that Kwese TV only has access to 1 EPL match per week, which would be screened over the weekend. If all EPL matches are available on Kwese TV for just $29 a month, Kwese may indeed be an immediate huge disruption to Multichoice.

Unlike the difficulties that DStv customers have had paying for their subscriptions using Bond Notes at banks, Kwese TV’s proposition is not only that you can pay directly at any Econet shop, but also that you can easily do so with Bond Notes, EcoCash etc…

Kwese Channels
Kwese Channels

Kwese has essentially become the only serious competition to Multichoice’s DStv ever in Zimbabwe. Elsewhere in Africa Multichoice have competition from StarSat, Zuku TV and Kwese. In Zimbabwe, it’s really just Kwese TV and maybe pirate tv services on South Africa’s Openview HD. You want Kwese? Please fill in this simple form and we will do our best to hook you up.


  1. ash

    More detailed as compared to the announcement made by Econet Zimbabwe on their Facebook platform… thanks and am jus hoping they will continue to make efforts to add more channels like Food and Fashion channels and also the bouquets will have to be broken down to cater for low, medium and high income earners

    1. WTANGA

      Haaa watanga breaking down what these are retrogresive people in our society please if you feel you have enough money remain with DSTV period breaking down what ??

      1. Definite hove

        Kkkkkk wagons kutaura mwana wamai kkkk….mashoko makukutu wakati Mai chisamba kkk

  2. Sagitarr – connection times out each time. Not a very good start compared to the fast responding

    1. Brian

      That’s a wrong link from TechZim try

  3. The Odd One Out

    “All EPL matches are screened”.

    We ALL know SuperSport has got the rights to screen EPL matches in Sub-Saharan Africa and this were made available to a single bidder and Kwesé only got the “one match per GW and highlights” package. OR was that last season?

    Or maybe SS only got the rights for SOUTH AFRICA? Like when they got the rights for Australian Cricket matches where they would only broadcast in SA and Kwesé, the rest of Africa? Will that also mean there will be no EPL for the rest of Africa from SuperSport?

    WE NEED THIS INFO mhani.

    1. Mary

      Unless you can cover the same sports channels/events that DSTV covers, including Australian cricket, then sadly we will not be changing over. Also agree with Noni that we need the British TV programmes.

  4. Mncedisi Ncube

    Good news can’t wait

  5. shumbasamaita

    A good start to challenging the rigidity of DSTV, health competition. Definitely will benefit a lot of Zimbabweans. On the other hand the regulators should make it a point to ease of operating by Kwese not na DSTV

  6. Mik

    DStv was getting too comfortable. Good news. At these prices zvichanakidza and hope its easier to pay than DSTV kutoshaina havo toyendesa mari ku Kwese manje

  7. Charles Muzonzini

    This is an excellent development! Though I no longer watch scheduled TV, this is very much welcomed.

  8. Phillip Santos

    cant wait yooo.hope they wil make it easy to subscribe unlike multichoice wher u hav to suffer for u to pay the damn subscription.

  9. Nya

    How does one become an agent with Kwese

  10. Anonymous


  11. Excellence

    Wow I see AMC is in the channel list American movie classics walking dead latest series nice an other American series’ s

  12. Deeva

    Thats a noble move, multichoice was now giving us problems in this currency problem era

  13. Noni

    No British tv shows so, unfortunately, it’s a no from me. All I watch on DSTV are the Brit series. And can I pause, rewind and record paKwese iyoyo? If not, still a resounding no from me.

  14. Anonymous

    Totenda maruva tadya chakata

  15. descend

    dsv is now expensive to subscribe…BT. new zvakunakidza yawe ne competitor…myb inga drops ma charges aaah yangayatiuraya…thank you kwese tatanzwa

  16. Rev Malunga Sam

    Tehillar Christian Network optimistic that Kwese is owned by a Zimbabwean.That’s positive raising of our flag high and putting Zim on positive global limelight . Zimbos No need for “no vote of confidence” again on this one. Its like Econet- lines on our phones,its us Zimbos who benefit on it.Hats off to Cde Strive Masiyiwa !! Continue in Contributing to Zimbabwe’s technological development!! Again God bless you…Rev Sam Malunga TCN Founder

  17. joseph

    Yaa well lets not count our chickens beforebthey hatch but anwz gudluck to econet.

  18. Ackim

    What about laliga is it also covered on sports

  19. Anonymous

    Is it possible to only purchase the set top box only since we already have the infrastructure? If yes, how much does one pay for the decoder only?

  20. Mpilo Shumba

    Pliz add bollywood movies

  21. Aaron Masembura

    Good alternative.
    Does KWESE TV have an option for extra view?

  22. Anonymous

    Think kids section is limited if you add Disney ts a yes for me multi Choice to hell with it.

  23. ms dee

    Good move however add Disney pakids apo. Kids section is limited

  24. Chakanetsa

    This is good news for Zimbabwe,home grown product is what we need.No need to export money and a variety of channels

  25. Mag

    Place a bouquet of at least 10 dollars

  26. Gorah

    Good start for sure,1 thing though don’t raise the prices l8r

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