For the second time, Kwese TV operations suspended

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Kwese TV has been suspended again.

As you may already be aware, the Broadcasting Authority appealed to the Supreme Court to challenge Kwese TV’s high court ‘win’. Legally, that meant Dr. Dish, the company that distributes the Kwese TV service, had to stop operations.

Techzim noticed however that a day after the BAZ appeal was filed, Kwese TV was still being sold.

It’s may not be the case anymore. Econet issued a statement today advising customers the service had been temporarily suspended and that those wishing to get refunded could.


Dear Valued Customers.

Thank you for supporting Kwese TV. We would like to inform you that the broadcasting of the Kwese TV Service has been temporarily suspended following an appeal to the Supreme Court by The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ). This appeal challenged the ruling which was issued in favour of Kwese TV by the High Court last week.

We have approached the High Court on an urgent basis for permission to continue broadcasting pending the determination of the appeal in the High Court. We will update you as soon as the judgment is handed down. We sincerely regret this inconvenience, which is outside of our control.

In the meantime, we are happy to make a refund to you at any point in time, should you so wish. You can however keep your installed decoder & equipment until the ruling is issued.

Thank you for your continued support.

We’re keen to know in the comments from those of you that use Kwese TV if the service itself has stopped working.


  1. slow down

    its obvious the proper guys have not yet accepted the bribe!!! there are still discussions to see who gets what from the funds

    1. Anonymous

      Mine was working from 22/8/17 until the night of 15/9/17

  2. dennismdalu

    you can’t stop the blessed of the Almighty GOD. Econet Wireless was tormented ever since up until today with its Kwese TV. this ain’t fair, a new dawn is coming behold Zimbabwe

  3. Big Chitima

    The clauses that are quoted in that appeal are part of the Broadcasting Act. Cant toy around with the Act without parliament involvement. And the clauses basically point Dr. Dish back to BAZ for mercy. The alternative, administration court, has got to use the Act too. This may have to end up at constitutional court to change some stuff in the Broadcasting Act OR Kwese makes a direct license application by itself… WHEN govt decides to issue out a tender for such a service. The appeal is simply asking the Supreme court to confirm that High Court has nothing to do with this dispute between Dr. Dish and BAZ because the Act stipulates specific steps that should be taken in the event of a dispute. That step was not taken prior to approaching High Court. So, if Supreme Court rules in favour of BAZ, the ruling by High Court will be nullified and Kwese will remain where it started from just before going to court. Then they have to start using the procedure for dispute resolution or correction as per the license/ Act stipulation. The options available are to go to admin court or to submit something to BAZ board for reconsideration as though it were a new application. Yes, its a prudent legal-driven decision by Kwese to switch off till all this is ironed out. Interesting..

    1. Anonymous

      Politics rule everything major in Zim… we all know this. It’s not true that Zimbabweans make things hard for their very own, its just a few powerful individuals.

    2. Ndini muchndiziva

      BAZ is against the Ruling Government because of its action and their greedness, how can you shut down an employment creation industry which has a lot of potential in economical growth and a positive GDP. Those fat and useless people running BAZ you will be perplexed to find out that, those people they worked for BAZ for more than 20 years instead ofor even 0.01% of development they wasted 20 years to 100% destruction such a pit. Lets not call ourselves stupid we are definitely not stupid. We are the Government, BAZ is not a Government but a group of confused criminals who hides behind clauses of the law, even to the extent of manipulating them to their own benefit. Those departments are not government departments they must be called Government Private Individuals Selfish After Money Departments (GPISAM). Fun part they end up blaming an individual our one and only President and they want him to be a profet of bad intentions.

  4. Mazhinye D

    HI guys, I am real bored by the way Zimbabwean treat one another, surely DStv is taking a lot from the Zimbabwean as compared by our neighbors Kwese came at the right time, only that our Laws a controlled by foreigners.Pure citizens should lead in the development of the country, but alas everything is upsidedown.

    Kwese subscriber

  5. Subu subu

    Zimbabweans you are so dull in Africa. The whole African continent is accepting KWESE only you Zimbabweans saying no.

  6. Anonymous

    Politics rule everything major in Zim… we all know this. It’s not true that Zimbabweans make things hard for their very own, its just a few powerful individuals.

  7. Concerned Zimbo

    Delayed match.

  8. Randall Flagg

    For people who claim to be the most educated in Africa, Zimbabweans can be incredibly stupid beyond belief. Frustrating a company that is willing to invest in the country and directly and indirectly create employment in a country struggling with ridiculously high unemployment, has to be one of the most stupid things I have ever seen in my life. People might say its the unpopular government’s fault and what not, but the problem with that is that it’s a government that still has huge support in the country and are still in power because most Zimbabweans seem content with their lives going about their business as usual.

  9. tan Tan

    Am not gonna vote for this government bcz they are full of shit

  10. Anonymous

    yu are the winner,we will wait until vaziva kuti kwese is not for bribe

  11. The Great River Zambezi

    Realy this is madness how can we promote foreign companies to monopolies us, why is it hard to start bness in zimbabwe.we are tired of multichoice who are robbing us , and very expensive .we need kwesetv

    1. Anonymous

      Am told Gvt of Zim hs some shares in Multichoice Zimbabwe………………….plus Telone has applied for a TV licence only this last week. After all this shit, l still believe the econet legal team wil eventually win this case however

  12. The Great River Zambezi

    Some of us hve bought the decoders .kwesetv has to go on air , we cnt be promoting foreign companies who are kiiling us , wher i am thy only accept US dollar tell me whr will i get the us wen am using bond and noone is taking multichoice to court.

  13. Bhinikwa

    and we expect FDI to come flooding to Zim when we harass local invetors.

  14. Mafela

    This issue forced me to check more about BAZ’s structure, core business and our history.God bless Zimbabwe.

  15. bhudhi

    in this country don’t mix your political ambitions with business you will be considered a threat to ruling gvt it’s unfortunate that many might die bcz of one’s intrest keep on pushing

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