It’s not your phone, WhatsApp is actually down [Update: It’s back up]

Phone screen showing various social media apps, WhatsApp included

It seems the Minister of Cyber Security has already started his duties.



WhatsApp has been down for the past 30 or so minutes. We’ve reached out to Zuckerburg for a comment (of course you don’t believe that! and you’re right!). We’re not sure how big the outage is, or if it’s geographical etc. We’d like to know from you, you could tell us your location and when last you were able to use WhatsApp.


Well it’s back up!

So I’d been waiting for some really important message on WhatsApp but dololo (nothing). Initially, I thought it was my internet connection, then I blamed it on my phone and finally I just concluded that the person didn’t like me (nor did a couple more people who weren’t texting).

The thing that stood out in all this how it never crossed my mind that WhatsApp could be down. Had it been a local app would I (or anyone else) have thought of every other possible reason other than it being down to justify the inactivity??

Anyway, we still want to know though how big the outage was, so yes please do answer the questions above….and probably your experience in those few minutes. Thank you!


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  1. Nekuno kuJozi hatinawo whatsuriro iyoyo, yakatochiller zvayo haisi kana kutombo receiver kana kusender,

    Hameno yavhundukei

  2. Kenya Uganda Pakistan India Russia most of western Europe US Canada all reporting WhatsApp down. Hilarious that Zimbos imagine (a) it’s all about you and (b) that Patrick Chinamasa and his bunch of clowns could do anything at all to stop WhatsApp!

  3. can we use VPN to access it ……I think it can work …..just doing some test….I will get back to you

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