Telone Revises Home Broadband Packages, Same Packages For ADSL and Fibre Users Offering More Data For Less

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Telone is changing the way they package their data. Whereas they used to offer packages depending on whether you were on Fibre or ADSL, they now offer the same broadband packages for both Fibre and ADSL users.

The new packages look like this:

  • Home Basic – $15 (8GB download cap)
  • Home Plus – $25 (30GB download cap)
  • Home Premier – $42 (60GB download cap)
  • Infinity Pro -$89 (100GB download cap)
  • Intense – $120 (unlimited data)

There is just one other package which is only available to Fibre users

  • Intense Extra – $200 (unlimited data)

Fibre Users

With the new Home Basic package there is a cheaper option not comparable to what was available before.


The new Home Plus package means if you were subscribing for the old Starter package ($23 – 20GB) you have to pay $2 more,  but you get 10GB more. That’s a sweet deal.

The old Boost package cost $70 and you got 60GB but with the new Home Premier package you only pay $42 to get the same download cap of 60GB. You save $28.

The new Infinity Pro package offers 100GB and sits between the $120 Intense package and the $42 Home Premier.

The Intense package has not changed. You still pay $120 to get unlimited data.

The Intense Extra did not change either. $200 for unlimited data at faster download speeds than those offered by the Intense package.

ADSL Users

With the new Home Basic package there is a cheaper option not comparable to what was available before.

The new Home Plus package means if you were subscribing for the old Home Plus package ($25 – 20GB) you will pay the same amount but get 10GB more than you got before.

The Home Premier package does not change. You still pay $42 to get 60GB.

The Infinity Pro package costs the same at $89 but whereas you got unlimited data with the old package, the new Infinity Pro package is capped at 100GB.

So in terms of unlimited data the ADSL user is the one who loses out with the new packages. Where you could get unlimited data for $89 it will now cost $120 to get the same.

Probably the cheapest data on the market

Telone will allow you to purchase 1GB for $1, valid for 24 hours.

You may also purchase 5GB for $5, valid for 7 days.

These are competitive top up charges.


The new packages are already effective. Since yesterday.

The system has already been configured to match the new packages. However Telone will continue to use the scratch cards that were already printed.


TelOne is one of the several Telecoms companies operating in the Zimbabwean telecommunications and technology industry. Its main core business revolves around voice, data and internet products and services. "TelOne owns a wide range of telecommunications equipment, varying from various exchanges located in strategic areas,... Read More About TelOne


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  1. NoChangeNoticed says:

    Nothing has changed on the ADSL Homeplus package there. You would get 30GB from $25.

    1. treborebabum says:

      that’s what I used to get so I really don’t see any change?

  2. DB says:

    This sucks used to get unlimited for 89 now only 100GB

  3. Geek Broz says:

    What some of us is interested with is the speed which you didnt post in your article

  4. Musso says:

    Your packages are expensive. please do something, wait until new players come in

  5. bruce says:

    ko inini ndogara kumapfanya (rural area) wats the best internet deal for me, mind you we hv no fibre

    1. Changamire says:

      If you have telephone lines get telone, if u dont u can still get vsat from them.

  6. Not happy says:

    What is this how is this offering more data for less you should have just said they screwed us why did they cap the $89 package this is messed up how does this change help me also what speeds are they offering

  7. T. Mhuka says:

    Telone are trying to rob us. Infinity is now useless. Why not consult users first?

  8. Realistic says:

    I don’t get is the same package what’s the difference receipt the 89$that makes no sense now cause you can just get 2 x42 and 5 bucks and get 120gb

    1. Garikai Dzoma says:

      My sentiments exactly the Infinity Pro package is plain stupid and not well thought out. They are taking the unlimited part and actually offering customers less for what they would get if they paid less! Such a drastic change would merit a survey. Powertel did something close to this and they paid a steep price. There are countless adverts out there touting the $89 package as the best for streaming Netflix now that’s a lie.

  9. Jimbo says:

    Home plus has been 30gb for a while now

    1. BossNick says:

      u can say that bra,….this writer is not well informed!!!!!

  10. TJ says:

    whats the new download speed

  11. BossNick says:

    ummm thts a lie i have always been paying $25 for 30GB on ADSL so where is the revision if i my ask?

    1. john chowa says:

      me too and the download speed never pass the 300KB/s

  12. Same fanana says:

    No revision on the $25 package has been like this since last December (30GB)

  13. Tat Mak says:

    Poor customer service at Telone! My wifi has been down for almost a month now. Keep being told technicIan coming but alas …

    1. dan says:

      at my house they finally showed up yesterday after i typed some obscene on their twitter

  14. gilbert nyamande says:

    Zvikaramba zvichidura tichambozvi disconnector zvima modem(router) zveTelone ngawatangire pa10 dollars for 8 gig ndokuti wavane ma customers akawanda

  15. Sagitarr says:

    I have stopped using the ADSL for a while. I discovered that TelOne had blacklisted me as a bad debtor. So I went to their Exchange Offices and had my name cleared – it was their error.
    I have also ensured my bill is up to date. The $25 for 30GB has been operational for quite a while now….and the speed had dropped the last time I used it and QOS had dropped.

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