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Supa Mandiwanzira Rubbishes Corruption Allegations Leveled Against Him

Supa Mandiwanzira

The Minister of Information Communication Technology and Cyber Security, Supa Mandiwanzira has responded to allegations of criminal abuse of office or corruption leveled against him by former Netone CEO Reward Kangai.

Mandiwanzira is under investigation by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission as a result of the report that was made by Kangai.

The minister however claims the allegations are silly and false and says the allegations are already subject of defamation litigation in the High Court. He further says the allegations have long been discredited. He declares his innocence and says he actually welcomes further investigations as he has nothing to hide.

The Minister made these responses on Twitter:

One Twitter user pointed to the minister that his rebuttal was not convincing and claimed the Prosecutor General is waiting for the docket to the case, to which Mandiwanzira responded,

Another user asked him if he was going to retire, to which he responded,

So there you have it. Minister Supa Mandiwanzira maintains he has nothing to be afraid of as the allegations of corruption are false. So it’s his word against that of Reward Kangai at the moment. We will eagerly wait for what the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption concludes after it’s investigations.

Does Kangai have motive to defame the minister’s name? He probably does but that does not mean he is. If he is fabricating all this then he has a future in entertainment and should seriously consider blessing us with a novel or something.

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7 thoughts on “Supa Mandiwanzira Rubbishes Corruption Allegations Leveled Against Him

  1. These allegations are not discredited at all. For example, some of us were told not to apply for the COO position at the time as The Chairman at the time, Alex Marufu wanted to employ one and only one person to that Job, Francis Mawindi! The company that did the sham recruitment and Job classifications can attest to that.

    They tried to get me and a few others to apply for more junior positions.

    Let Supa pinpoint the untrue allegations!

    1. Why didn’t you apply for the COO position, is there anything that stopped you? Your allegations sound fishy

  2. Ndosaka akamhanya kumasowe nhai! Wikinero akamhanya kuSA kwange kuna ED!!

    Inga zvonakidza. Asi hapana hutsi hunopfungaira pasina moto

    1. Let Supa continue with his job. Dont judge him. Someone is not guilty until proven guilty. Some people like personalising issues. Where was Reward all along. Musadaro vanhu regai vanhu vaite basa.

  3. Mr Mandiwanzira is corrupt even the Netone employees are not happy with the way he is running the company nepotism,corrupt,blackmailing ,poor corporate governance, poor labour practices if he surviv3 this meaning its not fair

  4. Just curious what Supa means by “….Only a confused opposition activist would expect an arrest without investigation….”

    What does the opposition have to do with this case? Face your music alone mister don’t bring irrelevant issues to distract ZACC.!!

  5. Upto now, Supa buying Telecel in the name of gvt investment was very wrong. He needs to have lunch with Gumbura for that

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