Ecocash ‘Making It Impossible’ To Mistakenly Get Charged Twice For A Single Transaction

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Many people in Zimbabwe are now using Ecocash to make payments, send and receive money and pay bills. The rise in the use of Ecocash is coinciding with system failures on the platform and in turn, this is generating harsh criticisms.

One of the major problems that are enraging customers is the double debiting of a single transaction in customers account. Furthermore, the rectification of such transactions takes about 24 hours which is further fuelling customers anger.

However, Ecocash users will be glad to know that Ecocash can now stop customers from having their accounts debited twice for a single payment.


Ecocash can now stop a customer from making a payment twice (double debit mistake) by ensuring that the customer waits for 5 minutes before they can be able to make the same transaction.

For instance, if a customer buys bread and their account get debited but they fail to get a notification in time and they attempt to make another payment for the bread inside 5 minutes of the first payment. Ecocash can then stop this transaction until 5 minutes has elapsed. Usually, double debiting happens in less than 5 minutes so this move makes it impossible for double debits to happen.

This is a good step that will see Ecocash reducing customers complaints and customers being confident in using the Ecocash platform. It sets an attractive precedence for a company like Zimswitch which can copy this function.


  1. GuyGoma

    Ko kana ndirikutenga na 1759hrs and the shop closes at 1800hrs. does that mean i will buy the next day

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      It would be surprising if the shop kicked you out, without actually taking into consideration your problem. If that happened you might as well stop goods at the shop

  2. Anonymous

    If i am in a filling station imagine the build up after 5minutes….please push them to find a permanent solution

    1. Anonymous

      u cn jst wait n hve priority wen ur fve minutes are up ….

  3. Mwalimu

    I have found the app more reliable than the ussd method. But again not everyone gas a smartphone let alone the data on their phobes

    1. so what

      ecocash app does not use data its zero rated you just have to make sure your data switch is on you are good to go

  4. Wakatumwa

    I don’t think they’re addressing the real problem here? They are ring barking the wrong tree. They should deal with the real issue of transaction failing to complete while at the same time money is deducted from the user’s account.

  5. G

    The best way was to ask for confirmation when someone wants to make the same transaction twice (amount & recipient)

  6. Sagitarr

    My view is that this is a design issue. Using the 5 mins interval will trap more exceptions but not ALL. EcoCash could introduce the logic of using and comparing message sequence numbers where this number is only incremented AFTER an approved/authorised transaction (host end). If the source device and host response still have the same value, the current transaction is duplicate and must be declined. Some kind of initial handshake will be required at start-up (start-of-day) for this to work.

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