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54 000 People Have Won $300 000 Worth Of Prizes In The Ziyawa ku Ecocash So Far, Some Techzim Readers Have Won Too

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Remember we promised that Techzim was participating in the Chakachaya ne Ecocash Promotion? Of course this is a sponsored campaign so the prizes we will be giving away here are coming from Ecocash themselves.

Now have there been any winners so far in the doubled up Ziyawa promotion?

A few weeks back Ecocash held the first monthly draw in their promotion and they chose the right place to start: the city of queens and kings. The show kicked off with a lot of fun and pomp featuring ExQ and Sandra Ndebele among others doing the entertainment ting (skriiii ya!). The hosts were of course KVG and Pathisani, the popular radio duo from Star Fm.

At the show, Ecocash revealed that so far the competition had seen more than 54 000 winners of prizes valued over $300 000. That’s huge.

How many points did these people have?

I don’t know! A video released by Ecocash though of a lady who won a residential  stand (plot of land) gives us an idea. The lady who was at the festivities with her family said she had a total of 3 660 points! Whaat?? Can mortals like you and I get so many?

Apparently yes. The lady said she was just paying for her regular bills like ZESA and her children’s school fees using Ecocash and the points just added up.

How about Techzim readers?

Well we weren’t given any stands to dish out but we do have goats… So far 3 readers have won the goats allocated to Techzim. One of them is still awol so I hope they are reading this.

The missing winner responded to the call from our first article under this promotion that asked readers to guess why goats were part of the winnings in the Chakachaya/Ziyawa promotion. Our missing winner is called Conrad Madziwa and here was their answer:

Mbudzi in its nature is drought resistant, its not prone to diseases, its easy to maintain and it breed fast. This animal has so many uses, as meat, source of milk, its skin as mat, its horn as nhekwe, used in traditional ceremonies, can be found all over Zimbabwe. So Econet chose mbudzi meaning that 90% of everyone living in Zimbabwe uses Econet line and Ecocash. You can transact with Ecocash wherever you are to anyone you wish to do business with.

With the powers vested in me I judged this response to be the most creative.

If you want a goat here’s what to do?

Follow the conversation about the promotion on Techzim social pages and participate in the competitions that will be running there. You may not have 3 660 points but you may just win a goat just for being a Techzim reader. Of course, I hope you have plans for that goat if you do win it. Good luck.



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3 thoughts on “54 000 People Have Won $300 000 Worth Of Prizes In The Ziyawa ku Ecocash So Far, Some Techzim Readers Have Won Too

  1. It is most irresponsibile to give away goats without verifying that the person is capable of caring for that goat and/or has immudiate humane plans for it! You could be breaking the lwas around treatment of animals! SPCA take note and ecocash too!

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