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Kwese Unveils Kwese-iflix Mobile App For VOD, Data To Access Added To Econet Bundles

A Kwesé TV decoder

Yesterday’s Econet Tech Expo (Expo) was marked by the announcement saying that Kwese will be broadcasting all 64 World Cup games. Another significant highlight of the Expos was signified by the unveiling of Kwese’s new ‘Kwese-iflix’ mobile App.

iflix is a subscription video on demand (VOD) service focused on emerging markets. The Kwese-iflix mobile App “will allow Econet Wireless mobile subscribers the choice to access a wide array of on-demand content, as well as live broadcast content. Due to their recent awarding of Video-on-Demand License, Kwese-iflix will be the pioneering platform to utilize the license.

Kwesé-iflix mobile app is a product conceived out of a joint venture between Econet Media, the pan-African company that owns the Kwese brand and iflix. Via this app Kwese will also broadcast the World Cup as part of its initiative to televise the event across all of its digital platforms.

The Kwese-iflix app seems to have replaced the Kwese Pulse app which Kwese silently introduced last week. Kwese leveraged its ownership in iflix by using iflix’s readily available app on Google Playstore and rebranding the app to suit its Kwese platform ( Kwese-iflix).  The app caters for both Android and Apple users since it will be available for download on Google Play store and the Apple App store.

The users of the Kwese-iflix mobile App will have a flexible digital entertainment platform as the app makes it easier for them to access top entertainment programmes via their mobile phones, anytime and virtually everywhere.

The Kwesé iflix service will offer users the ultimate entertainment experience with an extraordinary content offering, including live coverage of the world’s most elite sporting competitions – the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia – every match, every game and much more including select NBA games. The platform will also offer the best international, regional and local content programmes curated especially for an African audience.

Paying to watch

Many people will be glad that they can subscribe for their programs on Kwese-iflix using Ecocash. This comes in handy for many people because Ecocash is a platform that is increasingly being used by Zimbabweans to make their payments. Besides the Ecocash option, users can also subscribe using In-App Purchasing channel.

Subscription plans and prices

The Kwese-iflix app subscriptions plans for watching shows range from a daily pass to a 3-day pass to 7-day pass and a monthly subscription. Therefore, the subscription plans will attract different customers depending on what they can afford and how many days they want to tune in to their favorite programs. These are the prices;

1 DayUS$0.60
3 DaysUS$0.99
7 DaysUS$1.99
1 MonthUS$3.99

Data Bundles

For Kwese-iflix users to start enjoy watching shows, Econet has started a promotional campaign by offering all its customers 1GB of free data upon registration. And with any standard data bundle that customers buy, they get the same amount of data free to use on Kwesé iflix, valid for the same period as the purchased data bundle. In other words, when an Econet customer buys their 1 gig data bundles, they will be given a further 1 gig data bundles for Kwese-iflix.

Since Econet’s data bundles have durations (daily bundles, weekly bundle, and monthly bundles), the amount of Kwese-iflix data bundles will depend on the different data plans they subscribe to. Despite this, Telecel, Netone or Telone users with internet access can still be able to watch their shows on the Kwese-iflix. Not to mention that even on wi-fi, users can still watch shows on Kwese-iflix.

Enjoy the freebies for now if you sign up

As for now if you sign up you can watch shows for free after you download the app.

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30 thoughts on “Kwese Unveils Kwese-iflix Mobile App For VOD, Data To Access Added To Econet Bundles

  1. It won’t take – WHY? Doublepaying. You just can’t sell that to regular people: paying a subscription AND THEN paying for data as well. Econet you are the data provider – just price it as one thing and then call it “free data” or something but making a customer feel like they are paying two charges for one thing won’t work. Plus it’s a level of complication and admin that zimbos who can’t even install their own whatsapp are not gonna be up for.

    1. I believe that is the kind of mindset that the country should try to move away from , we need to have more and more technologically literate people

  2. i know of an app that does that already with espn cartoon network etc, no subscription at all!!, why cant econet match that we are already paying alot for the data!!!

  3. opened an account and i ddnt get free1gb…… i then purchased 1gb data,again i ddnt get the free kwese iflix bundle….

    not happy with your service

  4. I downloaded the app but wasn’t given the 1GB free data.. And the app is too slow aaag… Rarely opens

  5. Can you plz as well for us Lumia users..make it available too in Lumia store ..plz

  6. I would like to thank Econet for being innovative and getting ahead in providing the latest techs to our very own land (Zim). My concern is that :
    1. Some of us are still being powered by 3G base stations that are a bit slow in terms of moving Data. Kindly upgrade us to a bigger radio say 4G, so that we also move on with the latest offerings such as Iflix.
    2. After subscribing to to iflix i am still to get my 1GB.
    3. Kindly ease (lower) on the Data bundles if one is to use them for Iflix.
    4. Increase Live channels.
    5. The ZBCtv channel has some audio issues.

  7. I have downloaded the inflix app on my pc and chose my device but nothing happened. may u help

  8. I got the 1GB but its not working. i bought another bundle it started working but when it expired it stopped working and still left with 0.6GB expiring end of month

  9. Iflix is a great app but hvng to buy data bundles thn again subscribe to stream it’s too much …do something about tht ..

    Th network is not fast enough it’s jst bad bad bad upgrade Wil b of great hlp.

  10. econet is full of shit ! let’s ignore their ridiculous data charges , the 1 gig u get after downloading the app doesn’t work but if you buy a daily or monthly bundle its firing on all cylinders. this false advertising potraz and ccz shud look into this.

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