Local Domain Registrar Down

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[UPDATE]: An earlier version of this article said that the registry was down. The domain registry in Zimbabwe is ZISPA and this therefore implied they were down. This was not correct. Our readers called this out (thank you) and we realised the error. We apologise unreservedly to readers and to ZISPA for the the error and confusion caused.

name.co.zw the domain name registrar portal is currently down and has been facing some challenges for the past few hours. The site has been down since midday. There are also unconfirmed reports that some of the sites registered by name.co.zw are down as well, but we are not yet sure if this is actually the case.

Through Name, interested parties can register domains – only .co.zw, org.zw and ac.zw. The site, however, allows you to check for available domain names. Name is a quite a big deal and offers a very vital service and hopefully, this is just a slight disturbance.


I’m not sure what it is causing these problems but I doubt that this is maintenance work as they would probably do this during hours where user traffic is much lower.

Anyway, I do hope name.co.zw and the allegedly affected sites can get up and running soon.


Name.co.zw is Zimbabwean Internet domain registrar. The company registers domains in the .zw space. Name is notable for being the first Zimbabwean company to provide automated registration of local domains via the internet in 2013. Read More About Name.co.zw


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  1. Easytech says:

    Its a registrar not the registry,

    1. albert says:

      no you are incorrect. zispa is the registrar.

    2. albert says:

      no, you are incorrect. zispa is the registrar

  2. Wakanda says:

    Misleading headlines. Actually thought ZISPA was down…

    1. Farai Mudzingwa says:

      Sorry for that, that was actually a terrible mistake on our part. Apologies

  3. Trynos says:

    I think it’s been two days at least now. All my sites with them are down.

  4. Clever says:

    Poor journalism in this article. This problem started on 9 May and it is major. ZISPA announced that all .zw sites without their independednt DNS are down and indeed I have lost so much business with site down for three days… It is like being unable to open your shop for three days now and no one knows when we will be open for business again. Disappointing service.

    1. Garikai Dzoma says:

      This is highly unlikely i.e. all .zw down. Nowdays zw domains have Liquid backing them up and with 4 authority servers that is highly unlikely.

      1. Cde says:

        We arnt talking about Liquid, this registarar’s domains are all down at the moment, thats what we are saying

  5. Sir Tom says:

    This is very bad – I have not had access to my emails for two days now and I’m losing business as we speak – can you please give us guidance on how we can sue these people for lost business.

  6. Chef says:

    The guys do offer a good service when it come to registering domains. Good price., simple process and quick. At first they used to actually submit the nameservers you provided to ZISPA for registration. Later on they decided to change models and submit their own nameservers (ns.dc1.impressivehost.com) to ZISPA and redirect from there. Now that their servers are down, all domains using that model are also down. This was foolish on their end because basically they were acting as a second ZISPA. i suggest, and i’m sure they have learnt their lesson, that when they resume, they submit the nameservers provided by the client. if they had done so from the beginning, a server error on their end would not have affected us this way.

    1. Blaze says:

      Very true it has become such an inconvenience and loss of business.

  7. Anonymous says:

    the is the 13th of May and still nothing has been done. Why do these guys even use their name servers with ZISPA. This is very unprofessional

  8. Concerned says:

    I want to sue these guys. This is very unprofessional. They didn’t even contact us to offer any apology

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