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TelOne Revamps Application: Many New Features For Subscribers To Look Forward To

Back in 2016, TelOne launched their application and this had four main features: a Recharge Function, Live Chat, Directory,  and Wi-Fi Zones. They have updated application with a host of new features. There are some valuable additions in the new application. If you had the old My TelOne application all you have to do is update and you’re ready to go.

So what’s changed?

The user interface has been revamped and it looks the part. The new app contains a new section where you can apply for TelOne services; Broadband, Voice, Satelite. It’s convenient that you can do all this from the comfort of your home, or wherever you are and you don’t have to go to their offices. You can also track the application.

Similar to the MyZol App you can also check out promotions that are currently being offered by TelOne

Purchase History

One of the more notable features in the new application is the purchase history feature. This allows you to track all the transactions you’ve made to TelOne and that’s

Usage tracking

The feature that I think will be most valuable will end up being the fact that on the home page there is a data usage tracker which informs you how much data you have used in the month and when that data will be expiring. It’s a simple app but it will no doubt influence the way you use your data and help you keep tabs on your habits.

Other new functions include:
  • Login Feature
  • Report Faults
  • Track Fault
  • TelOne shop locator
  • TelOne bill settlement
  • Products

You can check out some of the screenshots from the app below:

No Complaints…

Overall the app is quite great and in terms of speed it was also quite snappy on my phone so I have no complaints. If you are a TelOne subscriber you should probably down the app here.

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4 thoughts on “TelOne Revamps Application: Many New Features For Subscribers To Look Forward To

  1. Telone is getting better by the day, even better and faster than the cheeter keep innovation coming

  2. FYI logging or signing in is not a feature. Features are functionality. Seeing your data balance is the feature, even though it requires you to login first.

  3. Am currently having a nightmare with this app. I purchased my $25 voucher on it via ecocash and since morning no balance update. Went to customer care they are all lights out about the App am being referred from office to office.

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